Good Evening!

I have an almost 15 week old and i am in love!

His name is Brucey :-)

This is my 1st pet! We have had him since he was 9 weeks old!

Training is going OK i think! We have a couple of commands like SIT /STAY established!

But i am looking for some advice!

Toilet Training
Brucey does go to poop and wee outside, he does have a few wee accidents inside but i think that is down to us not taking him out enough. He has his last feed around 6pm, he goes to poop once or twice before i go to bed at 10....but then he still has a poop in the night.......i am feeding around 50g 3 times a day with training treats, is this too much and the cause??/

Jumping up on Lap
So as much as he and i like to have a snuggle on the sofa sometimes this is hard he wants to get up and play (i dont want him to be all over the sofa) also when he does fall asleep as soon as we move boom he is awake........he wont settle anywhere else apart from his bed, but then i feel mean closing him out from us in the evening (he normally falls asleep around 8) any ideas???

The last couple of days he has started to scratch the walls/skirting this just his age.....

Sorry some of these questions are probably obvious but like i said i am just seeing what advice people have!

Thanks :-)