In today's local paper was one of those news items that make one wonder if it’s April 1st! A woman who, in 2015, had been condemned to nine years in prison for having killed eight babies to whom she’d given birth between 1989 and 2007 is to be released on parole. She had refused to believe she was pregnant eight times, and had each time strangled the newborns before placing their bodies in bags, hidden in her home. They had been discovered in 2010. The psychiatric experts who examined her in 2011 considered her "curable and re-adaptable". As part of her parole, she will have to be followed psychologically, find a job or training, and not publicly discuss the case for which she was sentenced. She can thank her release from prison on "the unfailing support of her husband and two daughters," said her barrister, and, as the woman is now 54, "The risk of recurrence of similar acts is limited, She recognizes herself fully responsible for her actions". I can’t quite believe that her husband and daughters weren’t aware of these pregnancies and births! However, that is in the past, and, yes, at her age she isn’t very likely to do it again. There are some very strange people in this world. She used to be a nursing assistant but I somehow doubt she'd be allowed to do that as a job again!