Quite often we use this group to ask for suggestions for names, but today I am thinking of some names that have amused or impressed me, or have not perhaps been as apt as their breeders whould ave liked. I’m sure the owners of these affixes won’t object to this, as they posted them on a public forum. Acronyms are not always easy, but We Left Manhattan FOR This, while not a true acronym is, I think, pretty good – and Waste Of F*****g Time And Money really quite accurate There was a dog in the UK whose name was So De Mall - take out the spaces and say it ! I was always a bit surprised that the Kennel Club had allowed the name Pheasant Plucker (for a Boxer dog) Friends named a dog, a Standard Schnauzer, "After Our"s, which I liked because of the extra meaning when heard. He was a smashing dog and went to Norway where he amassed 9 best of Breeds, after only having managed about 9 RCCs in the UK. There was a Kaninchen (smallest Dachshund here: a “rabbit hound”) whose name was T'As-De-Beaux-Yeux-Tu-Sais, (you have beautiful eyes you know) which, added to the affix of “des Trois Mages de Paladines” made a rather long name. Normally you’d say “Tu as” but the abbreviation was partly to comply with the rules on length of name and partly becaues it was a quote from a 1938 film, "Le Quai des brumes "! A film quote probably as well known in France as “You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow" from "To have and have not" is to the English speaking world. She was a super little dog and had amazing ring presence. There rea some cavalier names that amuse me: Mi-Ange Mi-Demon De Manaelle (half angel half devil) and make me wonder if her breeders were predicting something, as the name has to be registered by the age of about eight weeks when the microchip is done. Some names surprise me a bit: there is a GSD called “Negro”. Friends bred a bitch they called “Twice as Nice” and named her daughter “Even Nicer than Mum” but sadly she was nowhere near as successful as her mother. She won a a lot of classes but only one CC with Best Opposite Sex.