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Thread: Hello from Nottinghamshire

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    Thanks for all the well wishes. We are overwhelmed by how lovely he is. We describe him as a puppy with lovely manners. He is being such a good boy

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    How's it going?
    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    It's going amazing thank you. He's such a lovely little boy that melts everyone's hearts. He's been for his first puppy groom and we've started puppy classes ��FB_IMG_1522176026723.jpg

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    I'm so envious that you have classes to go to - here in France there are classes for what is called "dressage", a bit of socialising with basic obedience and some basic agility, but only for dogs over a year old. My nieghburs with teh braodign kennels did hink about setting up classes, but discovered they would have to do a full two year (and expensive!) dog training course to get a licence! I do miss the ringcraft classes we had in the UK. great memories, and we made friends with people, not just other dogs. Sometimes that can be interesting: about 14 years ago and quite by chance, meeting one couple on holiday in Greece, we vowed not to lose touch again and so I'm following Julie's successes with her gundogs in the UK, and those of her daughter with a totally different breed. Tom said it was quite ironic: we'd gone on holiday and so he thought it would be a dog conversation free time, Julie's husband Dennis said he agreed with him so they talked about other things


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