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Thread: Westminster KA 2018 USA

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    Default Westminster KA 2018 USA

    Once again this show comes around.

    List of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is here

    Live TV is restricted, about to happen shortly as I type but the video should be uploaded after its done for us all to see.
    That is on this page


    Results are here and video, later
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    Thank you Roger - how fascinating that the names of the handlers are given.

    I find it so difficult to know what’s happening: dogs lined up in the ring and lots of clapping but for no apparent reason! Unless it was from an adjoining ring ;-) Then the judge walks into the centre of the ring and all but a few of the exhibitors leave! I couldn’t see when or how he’d signalled the ones to remain. How lovely to see all those wagging tails. It was interesting, to me, that he asked the handlers to show him the dogs’ teeth. Personally I was disappointed that there were no rubies, but the black and tan CH Bonniemadra Trigger Happy is a good looking boy, although I preferred CH Bonitos Companeros Bulletproof on the move! I liked Trigger Happy’s expression better. It was nice to see that comparatively few of the dogs seemed to have the big puffed up ears that are seen so often in adverts for American Cavaliers! I was quite intrigued by the facial expressions and gestures of a woman ringside near the judge’s table.

    I watched a few breeds and was interested that there seems to be a fashion for women to wear suits with short jackets and tight fitting skirts with flat shoes, some rather frumpy and some pretty, but the skirts making it rather difficult for the handler to move as freely as their dogs - especially with some of the bigger breeds! In some breeds, not Cavaliers, there were handlers still stacking their dogs while the judge was trying to go over them!
    GCHB CH KBPride Rattlebridge Fergus didn’t seem to want to pose with the judge for photos for Best of Breed!

    It was lovely to see the black and tan King Charles VGCH CH Clussexx Paddington Of Flivverway placed fourth in the group

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    Hi Jane;

    After the Open dog, and the Bred by Exhibitor bitch, there was only 1 in each class entered, the BOB competition took place. All were either Grand Champion, or Champion.
    They all came in the ring, then the bitches left the ring while the dogs are judged. He seemed to short list his dogs, then the Bitches only 8 and all Blenheim's were judged. Then he made his choice, best of breed, best of opposite (sex), award of merit and select.

    I think there is so much noise its hard to know where it's coming from, but the watchers are not shy in making it known who they want to win.

    Yes no Ruby, I don't know if one of the no shows was a ruby, or maybe they did not win much in 2017?

    I like to have a look at breeds I don't know. Never heard of a Plott hound until this year.

    I am not sure if I favor having 2 of what we call here King Charles Spaniels in the group, it's like they are 2 different breeds.
    Under those rules why not the Cavalier having 2 members in the group? Because they are judged together I suppose, but it just baffles me why one rule for one and
    another for Cavaliers.

    I guess the Americans have a problem understanding Crufts! Wondering why we have Bichon Frise in the toy group, and not Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle!
    As for Europe they have their own system as you know, about which I have yet to master.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you Roger,

    I’ve only been to one show in the USA and that was before Cavaliers were AKC recognised, so it was on the lines, more or less, of the British system. I can say with certainty that it’s not just Americans who have a problem understanding Crufts: plenty of Europeans also are puzzled by the British system and I once tried to explain the system of classes in the KC system to a French woman, until her eyes began to cross. The FCI system is fairly simple, it operates mostly on age: baby, 4 - 6 months, puppy 6 -9 months, Junior 9 -18 months, Intermediate 15 - 24 months, open over 15 months and veteran over 8 years. There is also the Champion class, for a dog recognised as a champion in any FCI member country, and the dogs must be over 15 months. It would, in effect be difficult for there to be a champion younger than that! A dog may only be entered in one breed class, but to enter in the multiple classes, e.g. pair, breeder’s group, etc., they must have already competed in an individual class. Only the winner of the Intermediate or Open class may be awarded the CAC or CACIB. It is interesting that the colours for Cavaliers but NOT King Charles are split here in France, but only for the CAC and not a full split: Blenheim, Tricolour and Wholecolour. A CACIB can only be awarded to the best of each sex overall. Some small, i.e. National as opposed to International, shows, like to have the breeds in which the colours are split, which include French Bulldogs, Poodles (in each of the four sizes!), Great Danes, Cocker and American Cocker spaniels, spitz, Schnauzers, declare a Best of Breed of each colour to send into the group ring as it makes a more interesting spectacle for the general public; and some of these shows attract, hundreds of visitors, especially if they’re on the edge of a public park.

    Scandinavian countries have another system which is the same as the basic FCI system with the addition that the best of each class compete for best dog or bitch altogether. This can sometimes result in the CC winner being only 4th best, beaten by veterans, juniors or champions!
    Example. Results from a Swedish show in 2003.
    BH-1 = best male 1
    DK UCH INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-02 SE V-03 Cavaliertorpets Elton S55747/97 Blenheim;
    1 CHKK CK 1 BHKL BIR = 1st champion class grade Champion quality Excellent; 1st best dog class; Best of breed
    BH-2= best male 2
    SE UCH Cequence Fontana S25135/2001 Ruby
    1 ÖKL 1 ÖKK CK 2 BHKL CERT Godkänt championat: SE UCH. 1st open class; grade Champion quality; 2nd best dog class; CC, now a Swedish champion
    BH-3 = best male 3
    NO UCH SE UCH Vouges Hanky Panky S17557/2002 Tricolour
    1 UKL 1 UKK CK 3 BHKL 1st intermediate class Champion quality; 3rd best dog class
    BH-4 = best male 4
    NO UCH NO V-02 NO V-04 SE UCH Hackensack Designed By Magic S54131/99 TRF
    2 CHKK CK 4 BHKL 2nd .Champion class, Champion quality, 4th best dog class


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