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    Are they testing me?? Ever since Na´cha learned that she could open doors (only inside the house: fortunately the springs in the handles of the exterior doors are too strong for her slender paws) I have kept my bedroom locked, but from time to time forget. I was a bit surprised to see it open, and Na´cha laying on my bed with a shoe in her mouth! Next to her one of the black and tans (Max) was chewing a pencil. Luckily Na´cha had not yet started to chew the shoe, though the pencil was totally destroyed, but also on the bed was a pale turquoise blouse which I’d only just bought and had been on a hanger on the airing rack, which is in my room to prevent the dogs taking things from it. They love playing tug o’ war with socks! Laying on the top was a black plastic bag which I, with a sinking feeling, recognised. I’d not long ago changed the black toner in my laser printer, and had put the used one in the black bag provided to return it for safe disposal. I’d left the bag on a desk in the study, to wait until I found the prepaid address label to return it, and Na´cha had clearly thought it might be a toy and taken it into my room. I picked the bag up and saw that only one small corner was torn – enough, however, to allow some of the powder to escape so my blouse was liberally sprinkled with black powder. I managed to shake some off over a sheet of newspaper, and then thought about washing it. Thinking that it is heat that sets the toner on paper, I turned on the cold tap and held the blouse under the running water. Gradually all the toner washed away until it looked pristinely turquoise again. I haven’t washed it properly, yet, but will do it on the delicate cycle in the washing machine. My fault for leaving the toner in an accessible place and leaving my door unlocked, but at times I wonder if the dogs do naughty things deliberately. I am also wondering what the toner will do to the bacteria in my septic tank – hopefully there wasn’t enough of it to cause real harm but I did put another packet of bacteria activator down the loo! When Na´cha went and lay on the sofa she managed to look as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth

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    I love my dogs, but sometimes they try my patience. I know it was my fault, I really should have locked my bedroom door. On my bedside table I’d had a box containing a bottle of DKNY perfume and a bottle of fizzy water. I know that all the dogs have a propensity for chewing plastic bottles if they can especially the ones that have contained milk. What I didn’t anticipate was that they would chew the top off a water bottle in the middle of the bed, so the water all leaked out! Good thing I have a bed in eh guest…. Not only tha, one of them had chewed the perfume box and got the lid off the bottle and then chewed the little press down spray bit so there is now no way I can use this perfume, short of buying another and hoping they sill sue the same size. That is a bit of an expensive solution! I tried the spray bits off two other perfumes and they don’t fit.

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