People like to think that we who breed dogs are just making money hand over fist. Here’s a little eye opener: in early May there is a local delegation meeting of the French Cavalier club where a senior cardiologist is offering club recognised ultrasounds at a reduced price of 65€, an ophthalmologist will do the same with official eye tests, 55€ and another vet will charge just 9€ ( a bit below a usual consultation fee!) to take samples to be used for DNA tests by the laboratory Antagene, who are equally offering 20% off their usual prices for DNA identification and proof of parentage, 15% off EF and CC/DE tests and also reductions for multiple dogs of the same owner being tested. I’ve already got the kits for EF and CC/DE from the AHT in the UK and Madrigal had her parentage verified last year at the Championnat, so I only need two to have samples taken. Naturally there is a lunch, so I’ve paid for that too, but the cheque was for the sum of 583€! It is two years since I sold a puppy and although the price of the puppy may have covered the cost of these tests there were just a few other expenses involved in having the litter!

I know, we all do the same, it's just that when doing a lot together the cost mounts up! None of the "pups" have had their hearts or eyes officially checked yet, and Hula and Lettie are both due their 18 month check-up.