Dog shows can provide much to amuse: many years ago in the UK I was at a show with a friend who had another breed, and her husband. He said “Oh look, I’m in love!” and leaning against a post at the edge of one ring was a young man in very tight black leather trousers, a bright pink and green tartan patttern body warmer over a sky blue shirt, pink trainers with sparkly bits on them and hair dyed two quite bright colours almost hidden by trilby hat. He had a small plate of salad which he was eating with a small fork, his little finger delicately raised. John said “I love dog shows, I can take the p*** out of perfectly innocent people!” He was, by profession, a policeman and watched people automatically. It’s not good of me to comment on peoples’ clothes I’m not the best dressed woman on this earth! Other times it’s small ironies that amuse me, pulling up in the carpark at Limoges there was a huge people carrier next to me. A tiny woman climbed down from the driver’s seat, went and opened the tailgate and brought out a small pet carrier containing, from what I could see, what could have been a Papillon, Phalène or possibly Japanese Chin. A moment later a little Opel Corsa pulled up: the driver was about 6’ 2” and, let’s just say very well built. The female passenger was also tall, and not slender. They opened the tailgate and out clambered two Great Danes! They may well have exceeded the payload of the vehicle.