I belong to a Google group which is for expats in this general region to exchange information and also a vehicle for small ads. A few days ago someone posted that they had a Cocker Spaniel coming into season and wondered where they could find a stud dog. I wrote to them and suggested they try the stud dog register of the cocker Spaniel club in France, and asked if their girl had had eyes and hips tested! I also asked if they were familiar with current French laws on breeding and selling dogs, and gave them a link to a Government site with all the information. I wasn’t very surprised when they replied that their girl wasn’t confirmed: they’d bought her from a breeder near Bordeaux and had her birth certificate, so she is LOF (pedigree) but had done nothing other than have booster vaccines done ( I said nothing about that!) I sent another reply telling them how they could get her confirmed – always assuming that she was of sufficient quality and was really rather relieved when I had a last mail that said they had taken all the information I’d sent them on board and decided perhaps they wouldn’t breed from her after all.