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    I took a few of the dogs to the vet the other day to have their pneumodog (kennel cough) vaccine boosters and the cheek scrapings for the EF and DE/CC tests with the AHT. My appointment had been changed as, tragically, the vet I’d originally had the appointment with had died suddenly, of an aneurism. He was only 33 and left a wife and children.

    Dr Lautier had a young woman in his surgery and I asked her if she was a stagaire, (school pupil doing work experience) and he told me she was a bit more than that: she was in her fourth year at the Veterinary University at Toulouse and was having some practical experience. Would it be OK if she did the vaccines? Of course I said yes, and she also did the cheek brushing, very interested in the availability of the DNA tests as she’d not heard of either condition. Dr Lautier’s ears pricked up when I mentioned curly coat, but I said it wasn’t a marker for a curly coat per se, just allied with the dry eye syndrome. He said to the student “Of course, Cavaliers have the reputation of having poor hearts, but Mme Naylor’s dogs don’t seem to be badly affected and live into their teens and I know she complies with the breed club protocol and her dogs are regularly seen by senior cardiologists. She is probably also one of the very few breeders who actually brings her Livre de Santé every time she brings a dog here!” the Livre de santé is a book that every breeder is legally obliged to own and every veterinary intervention should be listed in it, vaccines, worming, flea and tick treatments etc. – even if they’re done at home and not at the vets. I’ll admit I’m not very good about writing the book up for the worm and tick treatments: I put the stickers from the phials or packets on the calendar in the kitchen so I know when I’ve done them, but somehow don’t get around to putting the information in the book!


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    Well done you

    So you don't have a vaccination record book like "most" UK vets issue, with the stickers in?

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    I do, but more than that - all the dogs have pet passports in which the stickers from the phials of vaccine are stuck, overstamped and signed by the vet and yes, I should stick the flea and worm treatment stickers in them - just a bit lazy! I usually do the treatment in the kitchen, easier to sit the dogs on a chair, and the calendar is right next to me. Nothing to stop me writing up the book in retrospect!


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