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    The phone rang, not a number I knew. A hesitant female voice asked “Madame Naylor?” I said I was and she asked if she could ask me for some advice: was she disturbing me? Basically she has a year old ruby dog she would like to get confirmed and wanted to know how to go about it. I felt almost inclined to suggest her to ask the dog’s breeder, but that would have been churlish. I probably spent about half an hour telling her what she needs to do and suggested a show in the near future for which there is still time to enter, and also told her that Libourne show next Sunday has an entry of about 43 Cavaliers so it would be quite a good idea to go and see how they were prepared and shown. I told her that when I first came to France I had a lot to learn about which class to enter and other things, but it soon becomes quite simple. She’d got my number from the club website, so I rather wonder why she didn’t phone the regional delegate. I'm now wondering if I told her everything she needed to know!!!!


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    Lovely that you gave her advice! I find there is an increasing trend nowadays to try and lock out newcomers and even some old hands who are not the flavour of the day. I hope the lady concerned takes you up on your advice and gets involved.


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    Later I found that she had previously left a message on my website, which I hadn't seen. As I then had her e-mail address I was able to send her a link to the SCC site from where she could download the "formule de confirmation" she'd need. She replied, thanking me for taking the time. I shall look out for her at the show she plans to enter, which is the weekend after next, or the one after which is not until July 2nd. I suspect that what she will need most is a little advice on ring presentation: I'm not a good handler so shall encourage her to watch those who are ;-) Even when I was in the UK people told me my step grandsons, then aged 8 and 10, handled my dogs better than I did! With the exception of my Mastiff: Scott once handled her at a Mastiff Association fun show and the judge was in stitches watching him trying to hold her head and tail up as an exhibitor next to him was doing. He simply couldn't reach. I was ringside trying to tell him not to bother with her tail, just to keep her head up, but he didn't hear me! Eventually the judge placed her second or third and told Scott he'd made a valiant effort, and that he'd done very well to get her to trot round he ring!


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