Cahors show! This time I managed to leave the house before 06:30 and get there on time, but it was a bit close: I was directed past the usual car park to a multi-storey (so the car was in shade all day :-) ) a bit further from the showground. I’d just about got to the ringside when Maxim’s class was due in the ring! He got a Très bon, he’s too thin: the little monster almost always leaves some of his dinner so clearly eats all he wants. With Lettie and Melody both in the open bitch class, it was Lettie, this time, who took the CAC and Melody the reserve. Best of breed was a handsome ruby dog, Neil Young des Jardins de Noor, whose owner, Catherine, was kind enough to help me and hold a lead in the open class. The day was tinged with sadness as it was the anniversary of Wendy Lhote's "(Woodville) untimely death: Wendy was one of those people everybody loved, she was kind, amusing and a talented breeder and had judged at Cahors a number of times.
Oddly all the other Saluki exhibitors were English or English speaking (one was a Swedish woman so I practised a bit of my very limited command of that language with her). Our judge was a delightful young man who was very gentle with two rather nervous youngsters and got down to Naïcha’s level to let her sniff his face, and he gave her a kiss. She moved a bit wide behind so only got a Très bon. A young English couple with an Irish Wolfhound said he ring just wasn’t big enough for the dogs to get properly into their stride (true!) That may have been the reason for Naïcha’s movement. They had a small daughter, Violette (Vivi) who was very smiley and chatty even if she hasn’t yet learnt many words! She stroked Naïcha who gently licked her nose: that pleased me as Naïcha has had very little contact with small children. If we didn’t need to stay for the groups or later classes we were allowed to leave after 1 p.m. so I collected the girls’ cups and set off for home. It was lovely to get into a cool car and I managed to have the air-conditioning on and cool before we were in the sun. I’m sure the other dogs were surprised to see us home so early. I was really tired,made a pot of tea but fell asleep on the sofa and woke to find my cup cold ;-(