This is not Cavaliers, but a general question. The owner of a stud dog in France was asked for a mating for a bitch in another country. The owner of the bitch did not want to travel with her so asked for semen to be taken and sent, with a sperm count beforehand. The sperm count was done, and showed a level of about 40% which is apparently, quite adequate. Despite that the bitch missed. The stud dog owner’s contract stated that a second mating can be offend if the first results in no puppies, but the owner of the bitch is asking for a refund. The stud dog owner is not happy about that and wants to complete her side of the contract with either another collection of semen from the dog or, at later date, semen from a younger dog who is full brother to the first dog, and either for any other bitch owned by the bitch’s owner. All veterinary expenses are to be paid by the owner of the bitch. Does that sound reasonable or not, and if not, why????

thanks for all response, private would be fine!