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Thread: Cavalier Club and Regional Club Puppy Registers

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    Default Cavalier Club and Regional Club Puppy Registers

    If you are looking to purchase a Cavalier puppy from a reputable breeder, each club runs a Puppy Register

    CKCS Club Mrs Sylvia Lymer 01530 831929

    Eastern CKCS Society Mr S Mynott 01223 872795

    Humberside CKCS Club Mrs L Flynn 01205 760374

    Midland CKCS Club Mrs Ruth Mochrie 01785 253717

    Northern CKCS Society Ms Susan Smith 01535 636858

    Northern Ireland CKCS Club Miss Kay Finlay 02890 851333

    Scotish CKCS Club Mrs G Baillie 01620 880218

    Southern CKCS Club Mrs P Stark 01428 751339

    Sout West & Wales CKCS Club Mrs S Dupe 01633 256475

    West of England CKCS Club Miss C Butler 01285 770651
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    Do you perhaps have e-mail addresses as I am from South Africa and would love to buy a Tricolour girl. I am willing to fly to England to personally come and get my puppy. I am a breeder and you can see my website thank you kindly.

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