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Thread: Books on Breeding

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    I'm not a breeder but I loved the book by Sheila Smith "Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Today" - It describes the history of many of the famous breeders in England. It is out of print but you can buy it on

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    Like many of you I also really like Book of the Bitch but I also have two other favorites
    "The Welping and Rearing of Puppies" by Muriel P Lee. Its packed with "secrets" very easy to read & understand and even has a bit of humour in it.this is the book lying on my bedside table theese days...must have re- read it a hundred times by now
    Breeding for dummies by Richard Beauchamps is actually very good too...The title is a a bit of a turn-off but the book is actually quite goood! And also packed with the breeders own "secrets" and real stories from the show/breeding world.

    I also would suggest another book...
    Control of Canine Genetic Diseases by George A. Padgett,DVM....quite heavy really when english is not your native language but still there is tons to learn from it..for example how to make genetic pedigrees for certain traits,disorders,deseases and so on.
    I have bought most of my doggie books on Amazon and often find used copies in excellent shape ,very cheap.
    Sara@ Islandica

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    I have a book published by the popular dogs series, it's called the mating and whelping of dogs, written by R. Portman-Graham.

    It was published in 1988, which was even before I graced the earth!!
    I picked it up in a second hand book shop two years ago for 8 euros, and it was in great condition.

    You may be able to get it on amazon or (bookfinder is fantastic btw)


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    Like most of us here I have many of the books on breeding/whelping etc, but my three favourites are "Dogs and How to Breed" them by Hilary Harmer, this was the book I read and re-read as a beginer and was by my side when whelping my first litter. How to Breed your own Show Dog" by Ann Seranne and as Tina and Dennis said for the more experienced "Reproductive Clinical Problems in the Dog" by D. Edward Jones and Joan O Joshua. I do have "Book of the Bitch" but prefer the other three!

    Linjato CKCS & Japanese Chins

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