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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheena View Post
    Well, did Mrs Pitt keep pugs as well by any chance? because at 1.34.6 on this one (1953) below there's someone who looks v. evocative, sitting with a pug on her knee ... there are numbers on the cages in the other one, but I can't read them ... and Ruth even has a catalogue!

    There are LOADS of fur coats at dog shows in these old films, I can't get over it ... although I suppose it might be a good way of disguising dog hairs on clothes ...
    I have a photo from years ago of Mrs. Pitt with a Pug.

    I must root it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByFloSin View Post
    Weren't fur coats a status symbol in the 50s and 60s? I remember my ex giving me a beaver lamb coat for Christmas 1960. I was so determined to show it off that I took the baby out in the pram to the shopping centre first thing one morning to see hubby off to work on the bus. These coats cost about a month's wages in those days and were THE thing to wear.

    I think many thought pedigree dogs were a status symbol in those days too and were priced well beyond the average working man's means.. Therefore it seems to me that the fur coats and the pedigree dogs fitted into the well heeled snob category of the time.

    Must say how glad I am that things changed a lot since then.
    Oh Flo, this made me laugh. My Mother used to have a fur coat and a fox fur stole thing (read flattened dead fox - yuk). She also used to breed toy poodles and think she was better than all our neighbours .

    She'd still wear the darned fur coat now if she wasn't scared of the abuse she'd get - makes me shudder just thinking about it
    x Donna, Maxx & Sweep x

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    I think there may have been an element of snobbery in the Toy Dog world of the 1950s. When we had our Mastiff, I was talking, at a club show, to a couple whose son is the same age as me. They said they had thought of getting him a Cavalier when he was about 8, as they are nice plucky little dogs, and would be easier for him to handle than a Mastiff. The other small breed a lot of Mastiff owners seemed to have was the Pug, but their son did NOT want one of them! I cannot think of the name offhand, but Rhossnessney was a fairly important affix in Cavaliers and Mastiffs: she said the two breeds got on well together. Mrs. P told me that it was not a total success, as they were really rather ostracised by the Cavalier exhibitors of the day, because they were "Trade"! That can’t be totally true, but I can imagine a little snobbery happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan Ryan View Post
    I have a photo from years ago of Mrs. Pitt with a Pug.

    I must root it out.
    here is the photo from the movie

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