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Thread: Low Cost MRI Schemes

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    Default Low Cost MRI Schemes


    Centres in the UK offering reduced rate MRI scans to owners who would like their cavaliers checked for Chiari Malformation & Syringomyelia.

    The cost is approx £200 inclusive of VAT per dog. Some centres offer a discount for more than one dog.

    Some centres scan the head & cervical region under sedation, others use anaesthesia.

    Please check and confirm all details with individual centres when booking an appointment.

    For further information please contact:-

    Mr Geoff Skerritt
    Chester Gates Referral Hospital
    Telford Court
    Chester Gate
    Chester CH1 6LT.

    Tel: 01244 853823



    Mr Andrew Robinson
    Dovecote Veterinary Hospital
    5 Delven Lane
    Castle Donington
    Derbyshire, DE74 2LJ.

    Tel: 01332 810395.



    Dr Nick Jeffery
    University of Cambridge, Department of Veterinary Medicine
    Maddingley Road
    Cambridge,CB3 OES

    Tel: (Main Reception) 01223 337621



    Dr Clare Rusbridge
    Stone Lion Veterinary Centre,
    41 High Street,
    Wimbledon Common,
    London SW19 5AU

    Tel: 020 8946 4228


    1-2 dogs £250 plus VAT

    3 or more dogs £165 plus VAT

    There is an additional discount of 10% for 10 or more dogs


    Dr Mr A. Sim
    Heathlands Veterinary Hospital Ltd.
    Dorset, DT2 8DD

    Tel: 01929 462535

    For all the details of this offer, please contact Sue Newnes on 02392 460878 or at Email:


    Dr Gerard te Lintelo
    Wear Referrals
    5-11 Tenters Street
    Bishop Auckland
    Co. Durham, DI14 7AD

    Tel: 01388 602707



    Robin Creighton
    The Veterinary Practice
    Millenium Way
    Essex, CM7 3GX

    Tel: 01376 325511


    Jonathan Underwood
    Farnbrough Veterinary Centre
    19 Farnborough Street
    Farnbrough. GU14 8AG

    Tel 01252 511988


    Alex Gough MA VetMB CertSAM CertVC MRCVS
    Bath Veterinary Referrals
    4 Beaufort East
    London Road
    Bath. BA1 6QD

    Tel 01225 312061

    Please note that the cost at this centre is approximately £250 for the first dog and £225 for subsequent dogs owned and examined on the same day.
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    Linjato CKCS & Japanese Chins

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    I know that Claire R and Geoff S do the discount scans for pet dogs. Bath doesn't I rang them, they might next year depending how it goes cost wise, which others do? just thinking for owners without any insurance cover.

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    Bath are doing low cost MRIs for approximately £250 for one dog - they are the latest centre to have started offering this. I believe however that the scan is sent to Claire Rusbridge for evaluating which involves an extra charge

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    Thats right Annette, they told me that when I rang them.

    What I don't understand is why they will not do the discount MRI scans on pet dogs. I mean if you don't have insurance for a full scan or if you have maxed your yearly insurance limit and you need a scan with a sick dog they should try to help you out and do it don't you think? they will scan your pet dog if sent through a vet for a full scan on insurance at roughly £1200.

    Discount MRI scan costs are not clamable on pet insurance so it isn't as if you are going to abuse the offer if you have to pay yourself is it, and with a sick or uncomfortable dog you don't want to have to travel miles and miles.

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    Sheena Guest


    If I've got this right ... if one has a dog actually believed to be suffering from SM and have been advised to have a full scan, then it is a full scan that is needed - the discount scans called 'mini' MRIs, are done under light sedation, not general anaesthetic, and do not go the full length of the spine. I can see why they wouldn't necessarily want to do a mini MRI on any dog that is symptomatic and may be in need of effective diagnosis and treatment.

    But I breed my Cavaliers and still regard them as my pets!

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    bet hargreaves Guest

    Default Low Cost MRI Scans

    I just had not realize that a MRI Scan would last for about a hour under a General Anaesthetic.

    I know when any of ours over the past 30 years ,had to have some teeth out ,I had no nails left ,till the Vet phoned to say they had recovered from the Anaesthetic OK.

    I am not a Breeder but ,with the history of Cavaliers and the Heart Trouble in the Breed,and some having had reactions from General Anaesthetics ,I just wonder if I would take the risk for having a MRI Scan done ,

    Glad I have not to think about this .

    Heart Testing is different , but with MRI scanning ,that is a different kettle of fish .

    Could there be any long term damage being done to some Cavaliers by MRI Scans ,has this been researched ?

    Bet Hargreaves

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    I had Ben scanned in December 2006 and my vet and I rang a number of places that were offering low cost MRI scans and not one of them would do the low cost scan as he was already showing clinical symptoms. We had him scanned at Chestergates and the cost of his scan was just short of £1200 with a follow-up scan two months later of just under £250.
    I had another dog scanned at the same time who was not showing any signs and the cost was also just under £250.
    The cost was approx £250 if you approached them individually, but if you are lucky enough to get on one of the schemes offered by the Cavalier Clubs it is much cheaper.

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    Bet I a discussion at Chestergates this last month re GA versus sedation. I had my eight year old heart tested pre MRI and discovered she had developed a murmur. I was advised that it would be safer for her to have a GA rather than sedation. Apparently there had been some research done (i don't know where) and it had been found that sedation had caused murmurs to progress 3-4 months later. I must say that Hannah bounced back to me with her tail wagging as if she had never been anaesthetised.
    I will say that of those that were sedated only one was a bit groggy - the youngest as it happens
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    Bet I should have read your post properly VBG. For a dog to be under GA for about an hour it must be a full MRI being performed - the mini MRI takes about 20 minutes.

    I can't see that there could be any long term damage done to a cavalier - why should there be? If you think about it if it wasn't safe MRIs wouldn't be done routinely on humans -

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    bet hargreaves Guest

    Default Low Cost MRI Schemes

    I have just read that a Neurologist in America has said that ,SM can't be diagnozed without a full Scale MRI

    What is a Full Scale MRI ?

    Bet Hargreaves

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