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Thread: Location, Avatar, and Signature

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    Lightbulb Location, Avatar, and Signature

    Three - How To’s - in one post

    1) Location - Puts your location in to your posts
    2) Avatar - Puts an image next to your profile name
    3) Signature - Puts names or web links in to the bottom of any post

    Due to the Forum's change of layout - please keep the next image in mind when reading the rest of the post

    Wherever it says User CP - please read it to mean Settings

    I'll update the guide soon, promise

    It all starts by Signing in, and then clicking on Settings at the top of the window


    I think it’s nice when people put their locations, whether it be Town, County, or just the Country. This is an international forum, with members from all over the world. Different countries have different laws and protocols, so it could be easy for a visitor to misunderstand something.

    It’s also nice to know that you’ve been getting views from across the globe. Posting your location in one message is instantly lost amongst the hundreds of posts on the forum, so anyone popping in for advice or tips, would not realise that someone is posting from America, Africa, Australia, etc.

    To put your location – within User CP - go in to Edit Your Detail – scroll down the page to Location, and put some information - even if it is just your country.

    Whilst on that page, you could put a link to your website, or dog's Web Album if you have one.

    Don't forget to Save the changes


    Some members like to put an image next to their user name, be it their dogs or just an image.

    To display an Avatar – within User CP – go to Edit Avatar Browse. This will take you to your computer, where you can locate the desired picture and Open it.

    Note - The picture has to be smaller than a specified size.
    I use Vicman Redeye Remover to reduce image sizes. This is a free to download software package.
    In File Resize and Save – you can reduce the Pixels to a much smaller size. This reduces the storage size of the picture, and keeps it looking ok.

    Don't forget to Save the changes


    A lot of people use user names, or Affixes, which makes it hard to know how to address someone when replying to a post.

    There is nothing worse than addressing someone as Mixymoxsytopsypoo hi – when their name if Fred or Doris.

    Completing the Signature part, automatically inserts any details that one might wish to display - below a black line at the bottom of every post. I also use it to show where my Alfie's Web Albums are.

    It’ funny to call someone a name, and know full well that it is probably a pseudonym, but could be a persons double name – and that person can be offended without realising that they caused the confusion in the first place.

    To create your Signature – within User CP - go in to Edit Signature – and put some information in the text box.

    Whilst on that page, you could put a link to your website, or dog's Web Album if you have one.

    Don't forget to Save the changes

    I hope you found this of use

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