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Thread: Car travel harness

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    Hi di,

    I've added a technical bit to the original message and hope it explains my thoughts


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    Yes thats what happens to harley (bottom half of orignial post) the loop slides down and then he is stuck down there, i think im gonna have to have a good look at others and find an alternative.

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    Perhaps the seatbelt is a bit too tight, as Alfie gets up OK, but I agree that it’s definitely not right. I feel that the loop should be mounted on one side.

    Having read some other comments on another forum, I ended up at

    I haven’t seen one of these in the flesh so not 100% sure, but the Snoozer Super Safety Dog Car Harness looks OK, as the harness appears to enclose the upper body, secures to the existing seatbelt buckle, and holds the tail end of the dog next to the buckle. This means that if the dog is facing forward and you have a forward impact then the dog can’t slide off the seat and crash in to the front seats etc.
    But, on reflection you realise that if the dog is sat or laid across the seat when you hit something, then the weight of the dogs head and body will cause the dog to pivot at the tail end and swing the head towards the point of impact. This could result in the dog’s head crashing into the front seat or anther passenger etc. It could be compared to the old lap belts, where the whole body was allowed to pivot at the waste and crashed us in to the window, compared to the modern seatbelt that crushes our chest.

    I personally feel that a harness should be secured to the vehicle from as near to the dog’s shoulders/collar as possible, and for the attaching lead/loop to be as short as possible. This would limit the amount of free fall that the dog would endure in a crunch. If a dog is in a cage, and happens to be in the wrong place during a crunch, then surely even a cage allows for the dog to be thrown up against the cage bars doesn’t it?

    If anybody has any experience with these or other harnesses, then I’d love to hear about them.


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    I dont actually have a car harness for Izzy. After trying normal harnesses on her, she doesnt like them. I bought this instead . Its a car seat, goes over the headrest or around the back of the seat and she really loves it! Once she is clipped in she just curls up and goes to sleep with no problems and she is at least comfy as well, as I think that might be the reason why we arent so fond of harnesses, which is a shame because I would prefer she had one for walks and such.

    As far as I know though, I might be one of the only weirdos who has bought one of these but I think theyre superb, and Im certain Izzy agrees (although that might be more down to the special car treats she gets for being a good girl and not throwing tantrums because she is in there! lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuttylittlegoth View Post
    I dont actually have a car harness for Izzy. After trying normal harnesses on her, she doesnt like them. I bought this instead .
    Hi Nicki,

    That’s a shocking pink in the picture isn’t it.

    Could you tell me as to how the dog is restrained in this seat please?

    The biggest question is - how far will the dog be thrown if you have an accident?

    I don’t suppose you could take some pictures for me please?

    Many thanks


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    There is a small lead attatchment in the back of the seat, and there is a piece of extra padding in the front - which I found invaluable the other day when some moron cut me up and I had to slam on - no damage to pooch and the worst that happened was that she hit the extra padding at the front when she slid forward!

    It also comes in black, which is what I have! The pink is a little much I think lol

    I will try to get pictures up so you can see, just as soon as I figure out how to do that on here! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuttylittlegoth View Post
    I will try to get pictures up so you can see, just as soon as I figure out how to do that on here! lol
    Nicki hi

    Having seen others insert full photo’s and wanting to do the same, I asked around and wrote the “Inserting pictures amongst text” article to help myself as much as others.

    You’ll find it in the General Housekeeping – Rules and Guidance section at the top of the Cavalier Chat page


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    Right, I think I have this sussed now!

    Here is Izzy in her little car seat. I couldnt get any better photos at the time because getting her to sit still for these two was miracle enough (Mummy + Camera = Exciting Stuff!)

    Naturally she doesnt sit like this when the car is moving! She can curl up inside once we set off, this pose is more trying desperatly to eat my camera lol


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    What a gorgeous little girl.

    Thanks for the pics

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    thats lovely, ive a new harness and harness clip comeing for harley hopefully tomorrow as i need them for wednesday vet visit. ill take some pics if i get time. di

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