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Thread: Books we all should read

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    Default Books we all should read

    I recently baught a superb little book named The Amazing Adventures Of Superboo By Cheryl Beer
    What a fabulous little book,Its all about a tri Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.It takes you through the life of this dear little bitch,she has some adventures im sure we cavalier lovers have seen with our dear little dogs,right up untill her last breath I Laughed throughout this book and also shed so many tears ,but it helped me to feel better after i Lost my dear Toby.I baught it on E bay aparently Cheryl sells it on there.

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    Oh I shall have to go searching for this now - I used to have a nice list of Cavalier books including fun ones on my website. My aim at one time was to have every (English language) book on Cavaliers that existed!


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