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    My 5 1/2 month old puppy has recently started to get runny eyes, I clean them with damp cotton wool but there is a nasty red staining around one eye in particular. Anyone got any recommendations please on what I can use to remove this red staining? My older cavalier used to have a problem when a puppy but grew out of it.

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    There's lots of info on eye stains in other threads under the topic of Eyes. lThere's one started by Brightness titled 'Staining' Look in here as first port of call, it has some useful tips:
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    Hi Pam,

    This is just a thought, and I'm not for one moment suggesting you don't look at the excellent information that Sue advised.

    At five and half months, you pup is still probably not entirley over the teething stage, and that can cause eyes to run. I don't know why! It often clears up after a month or two.


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    Hi Jane, My pups eyes have only started to run in the last couple of weeks, so I was wondering about teething and he has started biting at everything again, I am not sure at what age they get the adult teeth.

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    I had a phone conversation yesterday with a friend in the UK who has a white dog, not a Cavalier, who has problems with eye staining.

    She had taken him to the vet because she was worried about it. The vet asked what she washed the dog's bed with. She uses Ariel (or however it's spelt!) The vet suggested she change to something simpler; certainly a non biological washing powder or liquid for people with allergies; or something really old fashioned like Lux soap flakes, but to do the final rinse with a tablespoon of clear spirit vinegar.

    I don't know if it works yet, but the vet clearly thought it was an allergy! I know that no matter how well you rinse washing; there will always be a slight residue of the product left behind.

    I noticed that Bijou’s eyes are a little teary, and by chance I’ve been using a different washing liquid for the last couple of weeks. It was on promo, so a lot cheaper than usual. She is the only one, though, the others are OK. Might be a coincidence!


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    That`s interesting Jane, as I do use Ariel Liquid but non biological so will try another washing powder on the bedding. Ollie is 11 months now and still has a problem, but maybe not quite so bad.

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    sorry but i can't find the thread by brightness about 'Staining'.
    My both blenheim Cavaliers have tear stains. There eyes tears not much, but there is a pink track. Do you know the ultimative product against it?
    Sorry for my bad english. I'm from Germany.

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    Eye Envy - Hub International sell it, and I think you can get it on Amazon as well.
    Sheena Stevens

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