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Thread: Thanks to Tina and Dennis Homes

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    Smile Thanks to Tina and Dennis Homes

    I have just received my signed copy of Tina and Dennis' new book...........sat up all night to read it from cover to to bed at 3am !

    I loved it all.........thank you to Tina and Dennis for such a fine effort, and to The Parent Club for promoting this.

    Now I shall have to go back and read it again and again and again............
    Jenny at Erinport
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    Thank you Jenny for the compliment. I am grinning from ear to ear.
    On the day of the Blenheim Champ show I met Richard Newton looking a little worse for wear standing at the side of the ring. I said What's the matter Richard, A Little too much sauce last evening?

    "Good grief "he replied "No I wish it was, I bought a book here yesterday written by the very lady who is standing in front of me, and do you know I kept reading it and thinking just one more chapter, just one more, all night long until it was 2 am when I last looked at the clock and thought I really must get to sleep now."

    At least it didn't drive him to sleep so we must be grateful for that I suppose.
    We had an e.mail from an exhibitor in the states who said "You only went up to 1973, Are you going to do a sequel?


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    Tina - the same happened to me. I could not go to sleep untill I had it finished because it reads like a very interesting novel on the most interesting subject to me. I am looking forward to a sequel
    Greetings from Joanna & Maxi, Zoe & Arabella (Kissabella)

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