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    All of us who have had a cherished dog put to sleep recognise a great many things. Not the least of which is how difficult it can be – and yet how we start to know that the time is coming near.

    The FTR team have learned a great deal from the neonatal tissue that breeders have provided to them and would now like to be able to compare those findings in older dogs. They are asking that breeders and owners, if they feel able, make a promise to donate their older dogs after death.

    As in life, so in death – each dog and owner is individual, and the relationship special. Cavaliers are special. The FTR team recognise that fact, and arrangements will be tailored to suit that relationship. Your dog will go on to help other dogs and – again as in life – will also help humans.

    The promise can be made at any time, and you are asked in the first instance to contact Sheena Stevens ( – 01884 821080) who will liaise with you and the team when you find you are able to fulfil it.

    Thank you.
    Sheena Stevens

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    I have asked the Moderators to amend this thread and to leave it simply as a sticky with my first post. Those that feel able to make the Promise will, I'm sure, let me know.

    With many thanks.
    Sheena Stevens

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