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Thread: Table training

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    Smile Wobbly tables

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    I wish Coco was crazy on the table. She is afraid of it and hunches her back up into an awful arch. I think it is easier to train a confident and happy dog to be calm on the table than it is to train a scared dog to show their personality on the table.
    There is nothing worse, as far as Alfie is concerned, as a wobbly table in a field

    We were at one show where the table was wobbling really badly due to uneven ground and a really inappropriate table, so Alfie’s legs started wobbling as well due to his EF

    Just a shame that his leg wobble didn’t cancel out the table’s wobbling
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    I was just thinking about judges who do not like the use of bait - thinking, OMG - painfull - must break myself of this bad habbit. Train myself out of it perhaps

    I do have a trick for table work so it isn't obvious that I am using bait. I bait on the stand and after the going around bits, then I put my hand in my bait pocket, gently rubbing a piece of the food between my fingers. I stand the dog on the table while the judge is still watching the previous exhibit, give a tiny piece of bait, then try to keep the stand by using finger commands while the judge is going over the dog. Dog gets smell of bait and knows that at the end of the up and down he will be rewarded with food, so, well usually, dog will be focused on the thought of the bait yet to come and will do good floor work too.

    The other thing which I think works well for my dogs is to use a variety of bait which is kept especially for show, i.e. I give scraps of cheese for good behaviour at home, so I don't use it in the ring. In the past I had a bitch who went crazy for a piece of liver, so she only got some in the show ring. Her work was immaculate because she knew that she would get her favourite thing for working well.
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    This has been an interesting topic for me. I have a little boy who is so wriggly on the table. Ground work is great, bend to pick him up and the wiggling starts!

    Thank you all.

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