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Thread: Barking

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    I have always rewarded the good behaviour and ignored the bad and this way always works for me.

    When he starts leave him to bark and don't look at him or make eye contact with him and as soon as he stops then quielty and calmly tell him "good quiet" and feed a small reward with no fuss, use just the two words.
    If you use a clicker as I do then click as soon as there is silence then use the "good quiet" command and feed with reward.

    By looking and talking at him while he barks you are giving him just what he wants...which is your attention and you are just inforcing the bad behaviour to continue.

    He will learn with your time and patience that being quiet gives him better rewards then when he is noisy. Being noisy means mum will ignore him or walk away from him or hang the lead back up or put the toys away until he is quiet. Only when he is quiet then give him the walk, the cuddle the toy etc.

    I tought both my Shelties this way and I have never had problems with barking. They know the command "quiet" and do it as soon as it is told, and believe me there is nothing worse than a Sheltie that barks and barks! A Cavalier is a pleasure compared to one of these


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    I'm having an issue with ours barking at the tv, anything even remotely shaped like an animal and sinister characters mainly. She doesn't ever bark in the real world, she wont react to video on a phone even, just the tv!

    I tried clicker training to stop it but I seem to have accidentally taught her that 'quiet' means look at me and have a treat. There's no association with the barking and she's straight back to it afterwards.

    I'm reluctant to use the spray method but I think we might have to eventually try it

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    Default Toby the excitable one

    My 5 month old puppy Toby is really excitable. When we are out walking he barks every time he meets a new dog. He's fine up close but I find myself apologising all the time. I have tried treats and clickers to no avail. Anyone got any ideas??
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