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Thread: Buying a Puppy

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    Default Buying a Puppy

    We are still trying to come to terms with losing Angel a couple of weeks ago but I'm all for buying a new puppy. My wife is still slightly unsure and I don't want to pressure her into it if she's not ready. I would say she is 90% sure at the moment and it's rising as the days go by. So I think it will be very soon when we are ready to go ahead.

    The problem now is finding a creditable breeder and I was given Sylvia Lymer's name (Cavalier Club Co-ordinator) from a previous post. So this would seem the best way to start. I also looked on the Kennel Club's website to get a list of accreditable breeders and some have pups for sale now. Is the Kennel Club also a good starting point? There seem to be a lot of breeders on there and not sure if this is the best route. Do the breeders who come on these forums know of all the breeders listed on the Kennel Clubs website? If so, is this a good option to go down this route?

    I know I'm sounding fussy, but I do want to buy from a breeder that has the pups health foremost in their minds.

    This may sound unethical and I certaintly wouldn't do it if it was, but I know you breeders keep in touch with one another, so if and when I do find a breeder, could I mention their name on here? or on a private e-mail to a breeder to see if they know of them.

    I do want to carefully research my options before I go ahead and would certainly not go to a puppy farm or BYB. I would wait as long as it takes to find the right breeder, it's just knowing who to trust, as I haven't had the best of experiences in the past.



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    Hi Mikey

    As well as Sylvia Lymer, there are Regional Club puppy registers. If you let us know which region of the UK you live in someone can point you in the right direction. The more regional clubs you contact, the wider your net will be cast, and hopefully a chance that someone will have some B/T pups.

    A word of caution re Accredited breeders. Though there are Cavalier Club members that are accredited breeders and do all the health testing, in fact there is only one test that needs to be done to qualify for cavaliers - and that is the eye test!! nothing on hearts.
    The public are under the impression that a KC accreditied breeder has got to be' the dogs dangly bits with bells and trumpets on'!! as the Kennel Club are behind it. But there have been stories about malpractices from some alleged accredited breeders in various breeds. Just beware.

    I think to avoid any awkwardness, it might be better if you ask for private messages if you want the thumbs up - or down on a particular breeder. The folks who show and breed on this site know of most show breeders ........... and some others who might not be quite what they pretend to be and therefore to be avoided.

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    As far as the Kennel Club website goes I would say proceed with caution! Some of the names I have never heard of. (If some forum members have puppies listed I do apologise!)
    You could also try the regional puppy registers. I'm always happy to try and help.

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    Ah that's excellent, many thanks for this Sue and Tamyse, just the advice I was looking for. I live in Oxford, but I don't care how far I have to travel, I just want to do the right thing.

    Thanks again

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    Any decent breeder will have their dogs’ health as a priority – if they don’t then walk away as those people should not be breeding.

    Some tests that you can do to sort out the chaff.
    • Offer to collect the dog today if they’ll accept less money for the dog
    • Offer to meet them half way
    • Ask about health testing. Be suspicious if you get fed lines about an issue having been breed out of their dog, or of glowing test results.

    If they are prepared to take less money or travel to sell the dog then walk away

    The best house to buy from
    • The breeder will ask you numerous questions, and ask those questions in different ways to see if you are telling porkies.
    • They will expect you to visit the puppies at least twice before agreeing to give you a puppy.
    • The house should have dogs that are comfortable in the presence of the breeder. If the dogs are naturally sleeping on the settees etc then you have a good idea that this is a nice house with decent people. If the dogs are cowering, or just staying away from the breeder then you know something is not right.
    • Don’t be fooled by a fancy looking kennel block, as the dog’s conditions inside could be very dire and basic – but with cavaliers they should be living in the house.
    • Ignore show awards and rosettes, as this is not relative to the dog’s health – just to the look of the dog.
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    Here is a full list of the regional club puppy registers

    Eastern Mr S Mynott 01223 872795
    Humberside Mrs L Flynn 01205 760374
    Midland Mr A & Mrs R Mochrie 01785 253717
    Northern Ms S Smith 01535 636858
    Northern Ireland Miss Kay Finlay 02890 851333
    Scotland Mrs G Baillie 01620 880218
    Southern Mrs P Stark 01428 751339
    Wales Mrs S Dupe 01633 256475
    West of England Miss C Butler
    01285 770651
    Mrs J Portingale 01934 733527


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    if I was you and didn't know anybody, I would check first it if is a show breeder (which for me means that the person do care more for their dogs well being overall as she/he is willing to invest all that money in showing, plus have more too lose), then I would verify that information (if it is a really show breeder), then I would ask for health test certificates (especially for the hearts done by the cardiologist) for at least parents. I think in that way you will eliminate the backyard breeders and puppy mills/farms. The rest is statistics and luck.
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    There is one advantage about going to a show person for a puppy not mentioned, but which I think is important, namely that if the breeder is breeding for the show riing and has gained awards it should mean that her dogs are outstanding specimens of the breed. Putting it another way, they will be Cavaliers who look like Cavaliers, not Cocker Spaniels, with good temperaments. A Cavalier bred to the standard should be 'absolutely fearless, happy and affectionate'. Get one like that, i.e. one coming from a litter intended for show and you will have a healthy, loyal and affectionate companion, with a good chance of a long and healthy life.
    Warmest wishes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Sutcliffe View Post
    ... A word of caution re Accredited breeders. Though there are Cavalier Club members that are accredited breeders and do all the health testing, in fact there is only one test that needs to be done to qualify for cavaliers - and that is the eye test!! nothing on hearts.
    Yes, what incredible irony, that! Eyes are very important in this breed, but REALLY! Who is kidding whom?!
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    Hey Mikey,

    You are in the process of selecting a new family member and I know it can be overwhelming to know where to start. I'm not in the UK but sue gave some regional contacts. Sometimes people want a puppy right away, but part of the fun is getting to know breeders and part of the process. good breeders want what's best for their puppies so don't be surprised if they ask questions too. I would look at breeders who are involved in showing (confirmation, agility, obedience etc.). Hopefully you will get some help through others on forum. Good luck!
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