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Thread: Buying a Puppy

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    She is a real stunner Mikey I am so happy for you all and Macy looks right at home already!

    Have fun together

    Tracey x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamyse View Post
    As far as the Kennel Club website goes I would say proceed with caution! Some of the names I have never heard of. (If some forum members have puppies listed I do apologise!)
    You could also try the regional puppy registers. I'm always happy to try and help.
    Hello Tamyse.

    I am new to Cavalier Chat and came across your thread.

    I wonder if you would be willing to help me regarding finding a respectable breeder too? I live in Swindon and notice that you don't live too far away. Can you recommend any breeders or routes I can go down?

    I have to admit, as an inexperienced dog lover I am finding that many people I have contacted haven't been able to product a single health document for both parents and I refuse to encourage irresponsible breeding.

    Your help would be much appreciated!


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