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Thread: Jealousy and toy possesion issues

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    Unhappy Jealousy and toy possesion issues

    Lexie has always wanted any toy that Alfie is playing with. This is to the point that if Alfie starts chewing the cows hoof whilst Lexie is eating her meal - then she will abandon eating just to take and chew the hoof. I end up putting all the toys out of reach on the table.

    I don’t think this is just Lexie playing, but is a possession issue

    How can I get Lexie to share what (at the end of the day) are predominantly Alfie’s toys from before Lexie came here

    When she has clearly stolen a toy out from under Alfie then I take it away and give it back to Alfie. But that doesn’t seem to register with Lexie who tries it again later on

    Any advice welcome

    I should add. Even in tug-of-war with a rope toy, she will lunge and snarl whilst trying to get the toy for herself - rather than just tugging on it.

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    I see this here Mark. Lexie is a dominant dog and Alfie subordinate. I don't interefere in that sort of pack business because it only brings trouble with it. I agree that sort of behaviour looks unfair to Alfie in human terms, but he probably accepts her dominance over him. If Alfie wasn't subordinate there would likely be growls and snarls on both sides.

    I hope you don't mind me saying so Mark, but it might be better for you to leave both dogs to sort the laws of possession out for themselves.
    Warmest wishes

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    I agree with Flo. I seperate the dominant ones from the subordinate ones when chews or treats are given out so that they all get a fair share.
    I would play with each one seperately for 5-10 mins (or more) each day and make a special fuss of Alfie when Puppy Lexie is asleep, then leave the rest up to them when they are just mooching about the house. If Alfie is not a dominant dog he will actually find it quite relaxing having Lexie to take responsibility for stuff (like fending off burgulars!) which the dominant dog will take on as their job.

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