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Thread: Potty Training

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    I still feel you are making too much fuss, and the way you are going on you would think it was the end of the world and perhaps you would have been better off with a toy.Whether she is is on antibiotics or as I should have put probiotics is immaterial pushing too much into her is just plain silly, but that is only my opinion.

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    I googled the food you're using, and I wonder if what you're describing isn't as a result of it being grain free? I say this because the difference in the way my dogs toilet when on a kibble and when on raw is very marked ... and on raw, they do pretty much what you're describing - the stools are much smaller, very firm, and they do come out in small pieces over a longer period of time. When not on raw the stool is larger, not so firm, and tends to come out all at once ... although on any food they always have a last 'comma' which if they're rushing to get out of the rain tends to end up on the kitchen floor. But then, that's what mops are for!
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    Hang in there. I don't think you're overreacting. You just want her to be trustworthy and house trained. It's very challenging living with a dog that can't be trusted and must be watched constantly.

    One question I hadn't thought to ask--how much exercise does she get? Does she get to run, hard, once a day so, or she is going on sedate short walks? If you can build more exercise into her routine--perhaps with a midday dog walker--a lot of this might resolve itself. Exercise stimulation can clean out the most stubborn bowels.

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