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Thread: How often do you groom your dogs? A mini-poll

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    I give mine a brush and comb everyday, slicker brush once or twice a week. Teeth everyday. Ears and nails checked every couple of days, nails clipped when needed along with hair on the foot. I only bathe when needed which is only usually 2-3 times in a year, but I use conditioning spray when brushing.

    If I even miss a day or two I think they get scruffy looking and they will also matts.

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    I usually enjoy grooming my two too, and I believe that for the most part they feel the same.

    I started off with every day to get them used to being groomed. Herbie was actually very good and would lie on his back and let me move him about like a stuffed doll as I worked on him, but he was older when I first got him and I assume that he was used to Bridgette doing him. Robbie was impossible at first but seeing how Herbie behaved helped teach him our routine. I try to do them at least every other day now, even if it's just a lick and a promise (as my mum used to say!) They get feet and tums washed if they're muddy after walks, and feet also washed if the local farmers are spraying in the fields - my husband does this as he generally walks them. Full baths I used to do every three months, but have to rely on him again as I can't always bend down to do them in the bath now; and he won't do them unless I ask.

    I do like Alison and talk them through our routine: brush, wipe eyes, clean teeth, show teeth, is our daily one; "squidge" ears - should be weekly but isn't - Herbie hates his ears being done and will run off if he sees me with the bottle. They also get a little reward after each step and if they're feeling a bit bolshie, then we do tummy rubs too. Big/nasty tangles sometimes get an extra treat. If Tess is on a diet, make her grooming treats part of her daily allowance.

    I was surprised how easy it is to do their nails, they are quite relaxed when I do them (of my previous four, only one would submit willingly!) and it's me that gets worked up as they both have black nails and I'm terrified of cutting down too far. I've managed to do this several times but they are very good and let me carry on with no fuss.

    Robbie's ears are a nightmare - they are very long and instead of being nice and smooth turn into dreadful tangled dreadlocks again as soon as I've brushed them out. I've been told off several times but our vet because they were all lumpy and I'm quite sure she doesn't believe that they are actually brushed out most days!! We're fighting a losing battle at the moment with chest and ears and armpits tangled full of thistles and sticky burrs.

    I've made snoods for fundraising and they are very simple to make! You don't really need a pattern, but you probably need to do a little bit of measuring to make one that will fit your dog's head size!

    This is based on my fundraising ones - working from one metre of 44" wide fabric - you can probably get 6 snoods from this size; any suitable washable lightweight fabric should work OK. I've used both cotton poplin and a pretty glittery sequinned fabric (from eBay) that was both washable and surprisingly easy to sew!

    You need to start with a piece of fabric about 22" wide and depending on the size of your dog:
    a) 14" deep for a largish head
    b) 12" deep for a medium head
    c) 10" deep for a small/puppy head

    Stitch the two short sides together to make a tube; I did french seams to keep things neat but you could zigzag stitch, overlock, or use pinking shears, etc, to neaten the raw edges; press open.

    Taking about 1" on each of the two long edges, fold under twice and hem to make slots for your elastic, leaving approx 1/2" unstitched to allow for it to be inserted; press.

    Cut two pieces of "knicker" elastic long enough to fit snugly round your Cavalier's head - over the top and round under the chin. (Probably in the range of 12-14" lengths).

    Fasten elastic to safety pin and thread though slots; overlap ends by 1/2"-1", check fit, and stitch them together firmly.


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    I brush all dogs every night at bedtime, check ears and clean as necessary, check nails and clip as necessary, brush teeth, use dental descalers as necessary, use mouth spray to keep gums in good order, check who is in season and use baby wipes to clean up boys underneath.

    Show dogs get bathed regularly, rest as they need it.


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    I brush all my dogs thoroughly about every other day, unless they have got burrs/knots in from walks and ears daily. I keep a comb and brush by my sofa in the lounge and have a go at whatever is on my knee at the time. They get bathed about once a month or more often if they are going to a show. I do feet and nails and ears just as needed, it varies with each dog. I have never cleaned teeth. I don't feel they need it. They have a good diet and raw bones to chew and lots of chews, pigs ears, tripe sticks etc. They don't have smelly breath or bad teeth, even my oldie at 14.5yrs has most of her teeth and they look fine. They don't get any junk food/treats, only bonio or gravy bones or occasionally a ryvita or plain digestive biscuit. They have snacks of bits of fruit, apples, carrots. They do get a little ice cream on very hot days! they love it!
    I have an entire tri cavalier boy who comes to stay for a night or two quite regularily, He belongs to one of my customers. He is aged 4.5yrs and has NEVER had a bath in his life! He has a lovely shiny coat and does not smell. He gets lots of long walks in the fields and his owner brushes him thoroughly daily. I was very surprised when he said he had never had a bath! I used to have huge urge to bath him, but I know his owner would not approve!
    I did think I might ask on here if people thought it was ok for a cavalier to never have a bath?

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    I did think I might ask on here if people thought it was ok for a cavalier to never have a bath?

    Personal experience tells me that there are times when ALL my Cavaliers have rolled in something smelly and definitely need a bath, a.s.a.p. Then there are the times when human visitors are expected, so everyone gets bathed and groomed to look pretty for the visitors.

    I used to know somebody on the South West show circuit who never bathed her dog. I must admit the dog always looked clean, with a shiny coat, and was not smelly. Can't say that I would go to that extreme though.

    I forgot to include teeth cleaning in my earlier reply. Mine would disappear in a puff of smoke if I even looked at a tooth brush or rubber fingarette, so I give them a sliver of Logic toothpaste to lick out of a ramekin every morning. All the younger dogs except for Winston Alexander have all their teeth in fairly good condition. Poor Winston lost most of his to an undergum infection due to a crack in a tooth which I didn't realise had gone below the gumline. I have never forgiven myself for that one.
    Warmest wishes

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    I used to know somebody on the South West show circuit who never bathed her dog. I must admit the dog always looked clean, with a shiny coat, and was not smelly. Can't say that I would go to that extreme though.


    Well I do the same, wash for visitors/shows/happenings and definately if they roll. I must say this little boy really does not smell at all and even his tummy is pink and his feet white, and he is walked twice a day off lead in fields! I suppose he just sheds the dirt due to the natural oils in his coat?
    I do love nothing better than a newly bathed and groomed fluffy and silky Cavalier though!


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