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Thread: GB Ch Wandris Entertainer - first 10 Years

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    Default GB Ch Wandris Entertainer - first 10 Years

    Dear Forum Members,

    As I mentioned two weeks ago I am publishing a new presetation of another Champion dog who will celebrate 10th birthday at the end of summer:
    Gb Ch Wandris Entertainer

    As a "Good Fairy" told me Gb Ch Wandris Entertainer is retired so I had a more relaxed work instead of a delicate one with Gb Ch Keyingham Branwell who is still "in the game". I highlight again that this work is about the achievements in the last 9 years.

    When I looked at his photos I said : "What a poseur" !
    On most of the images he apears standing in a perfect position looking his owner straight in the eyes thinking ("just a few seconds more and I will get this candy from her pocket").

    He appeared at 128 dog shows in the past 9 years. He earned 37 CC (of that 34 BOB) and till today 1337 points scored at Championship Shows . He was a certain time the Breed Record Holder and was in the period of 2003-2005 a "paw ahead" of his biggest competitor Gb Ch Keyingham Branwell.

    This dog surely made significant mark in CKCS history and also deserve to be mentioned in a special documentary, article or review of Champions. Unfortunately I did't find any Champion progeny from the available data so if you now more please mention it and I will put them on.

    Many greetings to the proud Owner/Breeder of this special dog.

    presentation download link:

    Mario Grozdanic
    Vitteo CKCS, Zagreb - Croatia

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    It was interesting for me to have a look at this as I recognised this name from my youngest dogs pedigree and it is his Gt Gt Grandfather, lovely to see what the ancestors look like. Thank you.

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    Thank you Mario for putting these slide shows together. Helps me organize the names, pictures, and pedigrees of dogs that I have only heard of or saw pics of.

    Karen H

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    I think the most telling statistic here is the 56 (CC - res CC - best puppy - bes vet) from 128 shows.
    I am not a big fan on listing dogs purely by points won, or CC's won, as in part this is in correlation to the number of times it is shown.
    Breeding dogs should not be about statistics, like the American's analyse their sport.
    There must be many a good dog that is not shown a lot because the owner is unable to.
    Over time, we can look back and see which dogs had the most impact, by their appearance in the pedigrees of future winners.
    Thats what I think anyway....(not that that is imortant!)

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    Hello Roger,

    You have a point about good dogs not necessarily being shown. Janie Booth bred two black and tan dogs but she never kept a male. Millstone Basil and Millstone Eustace were, I think, in pet homes. Sandra will know about Basil, I'm sure. Janie used them at stud and encouraged others to do so.

    These are UK champions who have Basil in their four generation pedigree:
    Amantra Cloth of Gold
    Archirondel Sweet Melody by Leelyn
    Buckny Mellowman of Chamanic
    Chamanic Finistere
    Chamanic Lucasta
    Fontelania Burnt Honey
    Fontelania Burnt Toast
    Fontelania Dancing Brave
    Fontelania Dancing Sunset
    Harana Rockstar at Denstone
    Harana Too Darn Hot
    Johnasta Rudolf
    Jowida Charlotte Rose at Mishana
    Knight Magic at Harana
    Leelyn Night Fever
    Linvid Red Rose
    Mossdown Cilla Black
    Rheinvelt Raver
    Rheinvelt Raver Up at Rebinya
    Rheinvelt Red Hot
    Rheinvelt Ringold von Salador
    Russmic Lucretia McEvil
    Salador Celtic Charm
    Salador Celtic Magic
    Salador Celtic Maid
    Salador Celtic Princess
    Salador Celtic Rune
    Salador Coppergleam
    Salere's Little Richard
    Sorata Dunross
    Sorata Fissical
    Sorata Myfanwy

    And Millstone Eustace was behind the following UK champions :
    Cadeyrn Black Tulip
    Chamanic Finistere
    Fontelania Burnt Toast
    Karabel Caprice
    Millstone Beechking Tansy
    Niccoli of Rhybank
    Salador Celtic Prince
    Salador Coppergleam
    Salador Crystal Gayle
    Wolvershill Hannah
    Rheinvelt Ringold von Salador

    There are more than 100 overseas champions who have one or both of those two dogs in their four generation pedigrees. I’m sure there are other dogs like that


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    Thank you Janelise.

    Yes - Millstone Eustace was the sire we chose for our bitch after writing out every pedigree of all the Black and Tan dogs we found to be at stud.
    To be honest it was not a long list, but the Millstone line we knew was a quality line, and so we went for him.

    After being out of touch for 30 years I have been looking at the pedigrees of todays show dogs and through the Salador line "Black Tulip" (which came from the bitch we bred ("Laughernbrook April Love") is in just about all of them!
    Been a big surprise to see that.

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    oh wow - my first Cavalier was a granddaughter of Black Tulip and her mother's maternal grandfather was Chandlers Phalaris; her father was Black Tulip's brother Niccoli of Rhybank. This means that you were Laughernbrook???? We're related!

    Almost all the Campanard's dogs (Sweden) have her in their seven generation pedigree, as do Sorata Barley Wine Sansana, Bob Marley, Johnnie Red and Mae West, so Laughernbrook April Love is also there in the nine generations.

    When doing pedigree research in 1982 or thenabouts, it was a real task to find the breeding of Suzy of Broadwas and I think Molly Marshall gave me a couple of names and addresses to try, which resulted in getting the information.


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    Default Happy 10th Birthday GB Ch Wandris Entertainer !

    Dear Forum members,

    Two days ago an extraordinary dog reached his 10th Birthday.
    My congratulation to Entertainer and his owner/breeder Mrs. Alex Bubb .
    A few month ago I made a short presentation of his UK dog show achievments
    and today I launched it on Youtube. Maybe the background music isn't appropriate
    for an Old Lad but is very expressive for his Glory Days.

    download the Tribute from Dropbox:

    As I am not connected with Mrs.Bubb on Facebook and don't know is she a Cavalier Chat member , please notify her about this Tribute on Youtube.
    Mario Grozdanic
    Vitteo CKCS, Zagreb - Croatia

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