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Thread: Does anyone else's dog chew their own ears?

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    Thanks Carol! I will message you now.

    Really? Mens deodorant? Well I'll try bitter apple first as it's ordered, but that's good to know - just in case.

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    I bet they're chewing the ears because they taste of food or have small bits of food in them.

    Another odor dogs dislike is vinegar--you might try dipping the tips of the ear feathers in that. Another item that is quite yucky is sold here in the States by the name of Sulfodene. It's meant to soothe hot spots but also keeps dogs from licking/chewing. I put it on the base of Tess's tail where she likes to nibble in warm weather.

    I'm going to check out those bowls. Tess's dishes have all been used as chew toys by our Golden, Tucker. Time for new bowls!

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