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Thread: Lolas eyes are all red! Help!

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    Well, Miss Lolas eyes flared up again last night so I took her to the vets this am! She has conjuctivitis! Got some drops and ointment. I almost fainted when the vet fiddled about with her eyelids but Lola wasn't even fazed! The vet had a good old laugh at me, being a nurse and all! I was a nervous wreck!

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    Hopefully she will be on the mend now I hate it when they are not well..

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    I am SO glad you took her to the vet and got a diagnosis and treatment. It can cause damage. Let's hope it soon clears up.

    Incidentally, I had a bout myself not long and have NO idea what caused it as I am very careful about eye hygeine. My doctor said it should clear in five days and I must go back if it didn't. I had to put drops in five times a day for seven days. It did clear up in the time limit and is OK now.


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