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Thread: Bereavement Group

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    Unhappy Bereavement Group

    Membership is by invitation only. A Yahoo list for those who have unfortunately lost their much loved Cavaliers, or other pets. For screening purposes membership and access to postings is only available by requesting an invitation from Flo Sinclair. Membership is not large and postings are infrequent, but we are all there for those who need us.

    The group works on the principle that the grief many of us feel after bereavement attracts a bit of sympathy for a while, but, as in my own experience, is quickly followed by "Time you thought about something else dear" or "Now don't upset yourself".

    I also know from experience that saying goodbye to a much loved dog after many years is difficult - not so easy to 'snap out of it' without some support from those who understand because they have been through the same thing. All postings are moderated by me and are not accessible to non-members. This gives posters the security of knowing that nothing they write is being viewed by unscrupulous eavesdroppers.

    I always hope that the Group will not be needed, but membership is available by e-mailing Flo at
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    With so many much loved Cavaliers being lost recently, I thought I should perhaps put out a reminder that the Condolence Group is still there for those who need a place to discuss their feelings with others who understand.

    It is essentially a small group, sometimes busy with expressions of support or empathy by e-mail with the way some of you might be feeling right now.

    I do not disclose the names or details of the membership and postings are both moderated by me before publication and also confidential to the site, unless of course their author chooses to cross post elsewhere.

    Members are also more than welcome to post pictures of their dog or poems or prose of their choice to share with the group. I try to make this a tranquil place for members to drop into as and when they feel the need.

    Would anybody who would like to join please e-mail me at so that I can send them out an invitation.
    Warmest wishes

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    Thanks Flo! I know it's been almost a year since I lost Ella but I'm having a really tough time recently. I lost my heart.
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    angel ella who lives in my heart forever
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