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Hi Neil,

sorry to be negative, but if they got a Labradoodle because they don't shed, why didn't they just have Standard Poodles? They don't have to to be clipped in the lion cut and are, in my opinion, more intelligent and trainable than the average Labrador.

There are other breeds that don't shed.

We live a five minute walk away from the Redbridge Training centre for Guide Dogs. Naturally a lot of the young dogs are walked around the local shops and areas as part of their training regime. We also have a lady who has been a puppy walker and now takes on older dogs from the centre that have either failed their training or are indeed too old to work. Talking of intelligence and trainability Guide dogs have for quite some years now interbred Labradors with Goldens. They have found that they make the best candidates for guiding. The reason is that the working ethos and intelligence is from the Labs whilst the gentleness and calmness is a trait from the Golden. Seems they have at last found the best dogs for this sort of work. They did try many years ago to cross Labs with Poodles chiefly because they thought that the less shedding of hair would be beneficial for people who might be a bit sensitive with regard to dander and hair. It was found that these dogs were virtually untrainable. That practise of breeding was soon stopped.

Talking of designer dogs, as a groomer I have had my fair share of many crosses coming in, and as the years are passing so the illnesses are now coming to the fore. Patella problems and more importantly temperament failings being the biggest problems. Of course many of these misguided pet people seem to forget one very important aspect of dog breeds is that most are not only bred for their aesthetic values but more importantly for their temperaments. I would like to think that in not too many years time the trend will revert to people seeking well bred and known breeds rather than the mish mash that are being created at the moment.

Oh, poor misguided peoples!!!!!!!