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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to see what harness/leashes people prefer? I swapped to the 'Easy Walk' harness by Premier a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I've had a completely different dog! Instantly no pulling, she's calmer and more relaxed and I no longer worry about any strain on her neck

    I've heard of some negative reports about these types of harnesses (rubbing etc) but I can see no negatives at all myself?

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    I like the easy-walk for my Golden and I've had no problems with rubbing. Just keep an eye on the shoulder spots the harness touches to see that nothing is getting rubbed. I think in some cases where there have been rubbing problems, it's because the harness was too snug (but I can't prove it!).

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    I use leads - I've never used a harness. If the harness is to prevent the dog pulling on the lead, there is very good advice by Ian Dunbar on how to teach a dog not to pull on the lead, and it works.

    I think harness are OK for small breeds but that they give less control than a collar and lead; possibly difficult with bigger dogs.

    When I did obedience with my first Cavalier, we were taught to use a metal check chain to make a noise to distract the dog, not to actually "choke" it. However, that is something that can only be taught by demonstration.

    A friend tried a small Halti on a Cavalier but their muzzles are too short; I also tried one for my Mastiff, and although their muzzles are longer than a Cavalier's (!) it still rode too high up her nose so I reverted to a lead again.

    I prefer soft leather or fabric: nylon fabric can be better as I had one who chewed through her companion's expensive leather collar in the car on the way to a show!


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    I can completely see why the easy walk harness could be an issue with controlling a big dog, fortunately ours is about the size of a large cat so it's not a problem

    I've seen a lot of people regarding traditional collar/leashes as 'better' than harnesses but I guess this is more to do with showing and more extensive training than anything else?

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