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  • I currently use a traditional vacuum

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Thread: What type of vacuum would you buy next

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    Default What type of vacuum would you buy next

    Just thought I'd ask as I need a new vacuum

    If you have a bag-less vacuum right now, having seen so many Dysons at all the Household Recycling centres (the tip) - would you buy another bag-less machine, or go back to a traditional bagged one

    Please comment on what make and model you would go for

    Bag-less 1-Vacuum_Cleaner_1.jpg 1-Vacuum_Cleaner_2.jpgtraditional bagged
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    At the moment I am using a Sebo and it is great, lots of pull and suction and it self adjusts. Of course it is German made .It also has a long lead so I can go from one room to another without unplugging it. I find any other a load of trash as they don't last very long, this one is super.

    PS it has a bag with a lid.
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    The reason you see so many Dysons at the tip, is because of the numbers they sell. Its not down to unreliability.

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    After many years experimenting with vacuums I think I have the ideal combination, for me, that is:

    For the upstairs carpets I have a Dyson DC 24 Animal, used almost daily for 3 1.2 years

    For the narrow staircase I use a Morphy Richards bagged Storm, used as needed for 6 years

    For the downstairs hard floors I have a Morphy Richards bagless cyclone cleaner, used daily for 2 or 3 years. It took a while to get the better of this one, but I wouldn't be without it now.

    I usually give these 3 quite a bashing, aiming to get the whole house done in 20 to 30 minutes on a Sunday thorough clean, but they all stand up to whatever I do with them and have never needed either servicing or repair. Hope I'm not tempting fate by saying that
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    I use a miele HEPA Solution cylinder one upstairs, which does hard floors and carpets and is good, but I hate putting it together and taking it apart every time I use it.

    Downstairs I'm on my umpteenth Dyson (Hate them with venom, but they pick up the dog hairs) I think I've had this one (one with the ball thingy) about two years and it's already falling to pieces, probably won't last much longer - cost a blooming fortune too, I don't know if it's me, or the dyson's that's at fault!! and I'll probably buy another one - but not with the b***** ball.

    Sue - who doen't learn fom her mistakes.

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    I have had the Dysons, including the ball one that was specifically marketed for animal hair...but nothing compares to the Meile that I bought after reading the recommendations on here. It is the animal hair one and a cylinder type. Works like a miracle and is light, easy to use on both wood, stone and carpet floors. I wouldn't be without it. I buy the bags for it on ebay as they sell much cheaper compatible bags. I wish I hadn't bought the Dyson as I ended up giving it to my daughter.

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    I do use the little handheld Dyson quite a lot, but the big one I bought has simply turned in to a massively expensive slicker brush. Not enough suction for me, so I've got back to Henry. Yes, you may have to buy bags for him, but he does get the fluff and dust up.
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    We have gone through 2 x pet force vax's (bagless, hepa filter etc). Both lasted just over the 18 months.

    We now have the meile cylinder and wished we had purchased earlier instead of wasting money on the 2 x "Pet force" Vaxs. The meile has a bag which is a bit of a minus... but for hair removal, i've seen nothing like it at all. 5* star.........
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    I have had my Miele "Cat & Dog" for years and I love it and wouldn't change it. It is used every day and has never given me any trouble. When it is time for it to be replaced it will be for another new one just the same A fab little work horse!


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    I've had a Dyson Animal for getting on for ten years and it's served me well - in spite of my dropping it down the stairs on the first day I used it. I thought at first it was cheaper and more environmentally friendly to have a bagless machine, buit it's just so messy and I feel I need a bath after emptying it. If I have another machine it would be an upright Cat & Dog Miele - with bags. I believe the cylinder types are better, but my back can't cope with them.

    Actually what I really need is an indoor road sweeper, my husband usually brings in half the gravel path and the dogs the rest of the garden debris...


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