View Poll Results: What type of vacuum would you replace you current bag-less vacuum with

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  • I would buy another bag-less vacuum as I am impressed

    9 45.00%
  • I would go back to a traditional bagged vacuum as I am not impressed

    2 10.00%
  • I currently use a bag-less vacuum

    14 70.00%
  • I currently use a traditional vacuum

    6 30.00%
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Thread: What type of vacuum would you buy next

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    I use bag less not Dyson as when I was buying I couldn't afford it...mine's a Phillips, I had two others (Morphy Richards) before that both broke in quick succession but were replaced by the store.

    I wouldn't go back to bagged now though especially with dogs..the bag would be constantly filled with hair from my three! I love to be able to empty the hair out and put it in my compostable bin

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    After using Dyson`s for the last 12 years since having dogs, I finally changed brand and just recently purchased a Panasonic Bagless eco max and am very pleased with it, the suction is amazing, the only down side is it is quite heavy so would not suit everybody and the base is wider that a Dyson, the final staw for me with a Dyson was when the motor packed up on my last one after only 18 months which was fixed under the warranty, it has recently started not working right so I decided not to have a Dyson again and will just use it for upstairs.

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