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    Default puppy and cat box

    She hasn't even come home yet..shes only 19 days old..and im already stressing.

    i have 2 cats, one is 16 ..the other is 2.
    the 16 year old has been introuduced to many pets over the years..including our last cavalier, oliver. hes going to be no trouble at all.

    the little cat..meh..this is going to be interesting!

    my issue 16 year old the last few months..has stopped using cat box for #2 (uses it #1) . its a covered cat box. FINALLY i decided to try un covering it.
    suddnly the accidents have stopped.
    cover it back up..they start again.

    so.. lid has to go..for now..
    but im brining a new puppy in..and i can see waht will happen already..

    any suggestions?
    putting it up high is outa the question..16 year old whos having issues in the first place..he cant jump anymore..his bones are of an elderly humans.

    i was thinking maybe in the bathroom cupboards (my vanity is huge..4 cupboards) but im not thrilled about that idea..and i dont know how the cats will take to that either..
    (i live in a 1 bedroom basement i dont have hte luxury of trying other places..and my bedroom is closed to them..because the little cat is REALLY annoying at night.
    (plus pup will be in my bedroom at night)

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    I have a small partially covered cat run attached to the outside of the house, and my cat can access this through a cat flap at window level, with stratigically placed shelving so it's easy to jump up/down.

    The cat litter tray is in this run and my cat has access to it at all times (she's 14yrs old) and will come in from the garden to use it.

    I know it's an extra expense - but it might be worth considering.


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    i love that idea!!
    I would love a cat door (or even a dog door) but im in a rental basement suiet.. my windows dont even open in the livingroom. THAT is someting i will look into for my own place one day though
    someone else suggested a cat box they have that opens from the top which i like too (unfortuantly probably wouldnt work with him refusing to use the coverd box now) but such genius ideas.

    my mum suggested that when we gt home from work (pup gets to come with me) baby gateing off the livingroom from the bathroom and bedroom..meeko on one side(simba can jump) and puppy and i on the other. taking it down when we go to bed.

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    You can try baby-gate to keep puppy off the cat-litter, but try to see if your older cat wants an open litter box because the younger one is stalking and waiting at the opening of the closed box. If Meh is entertaining himself that way, that may bring some other problems as well.

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