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    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you are all doing well.

    My Oscar tends to have permanent tear stains/wet patches.

    Is there anything in general that you can think of that might actually make this more prone to occur, ie, something in his diet etc???

    A pic is attached to give you an idea of the amount he gets, it can be a bit more and sometimes with a bit of sleep, crusty sleep but I do wipe them every day with a doggie eye wipe and dry them off to help with it.

    There are days when he has nothing but I would say more days he does have it and I just wonder if there is anything I can do/change to help him with it?
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    How old is Oscar

    Lexie used to get it a lot when she was teething. She's almost 20 months now, and gets tear stained eyes when ever it is windy out. Is Oscar in a draught or anything
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    If he gets very wet streaks, you can rub a little bit of vaseline down their tracks, after you've wiped them dry. The salty tears can sting their skin.

    Is he still teething? This might be a possible cause. But if you are worried, go and get him checked out at your vets, some dogs can have very narrow or even blocked tear ducts so that their tears don't always drain away properly. The vet can do a quick test to see if this might be the case, and do a minor procedure to clear them if necessary. My Robbie has this problem - he has very narrow tear ducts, and they don't drain away all his tears. He has had them cleared, but still gets very weepy streaks down his face, sometimes more than others. It's something we have to live with and apart from being a bit unsightly, specially when I've done the vaseline bit, they don't really bother him at all.


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    He is 1 Yr and 1 Mth now, no longer teething. He does not get bothered by it, I do more than he does.

    I wipe them every day (sometimes more than once) with doggie eye wipes so they don't get overloaded so to speak or crusty and I just wondered it it is something generally caused by something or just 'one of those things' with Cavaliers.

    Some days he has nothing, some a tiny bit and some they seem wet all day.

    Will ask the vet when we pop in next and see what they advise.

    Thanks, Julia

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    My girl gets weepy eyes also. I have had her on several different diets but none of them really seem to make it any worse or better. What I have noticed is that excitement will make her eyes run a bit more than normal, like if she runs hard playing and gets a good pant going. I just find that I have to wipe her face every day to keep her looking and smelling pretty If the wetness is left then yeast builds up and will cause a red stain and foul smell. There are supplements/products on the market you can feed that eat this yeast however... makes the smell go away but does not help with the amount the eyes water. Allergies can also be a culprit to weepy eyes, another thing to think about, dust, pollen, etc.

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