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    I have been viewing this forum with interest for some years now but this is my first posting. I am currently looking for a new dog as my much loved Wallace died last year with heart problems at age nine plus. My problem is that I am now in a wheelchair and a new puppy as we all know takes a lot of work which I am not really up to. Ideally, I think a dog of around 1 year old, or there abouts, is what i'm looking for. I thought that perhaps one of you breeders have a dog that is not up to show standard, as an example. Can anyone help? I live in the Perthshire area of Scotland.

    Many thanks

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    Macwallace. if you enable your private message function. you will probably have better chance of a reply. Norma

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    Thanks Norma, but I am not sure what you mean? as you have quessed I am not really up-to-speed with such things!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macwallace View Post
    Thanks Norma, but I am not sure what you mean? as you have quessed I am not really up-to-speed with such things!
    Macwallace, if you go into your settings then you can "Turn on" private messages, so that you can receive messages from other members. See the attached picture below.

    If Norma can't help you then do consider contacting cavalier rescue

    I don't know why the default for Private Messages is now turned to "off", Steve

    Here's one that I prepared earlier
    Click this line to see Alfie's Picasa web photo albums

    Click this line to see Alfie's You Tube videos
    Mark, and my Blen - Lexie DOB 7/07/11, and my B/T - Katie DOB 01/12/12

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    Thanks Mark, oyur information is much appreciated.


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    Just to let you all know that, as yet, I have not found my new dog. I did communicate with Craigowl, but no luck (having just missed a wee dog). I have also been in contact with David Smith of the Rescue in Scotland and the Puppy Register lady (Mrs Baillie)but again nothing so far. So I am still looking for a male Blenheim around a year old. No doubt one will arrive soon, I hope!

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    Hopefully you will find a suitable dog soon. I sold a puppy from my last litter to a friend who is disabled and spends a lot of time in a wheelchair. She does live with her parents so Mum helps out with the pup. However, they have the most amazing bond, She has taught Rosie so much in such a short space of time, she learnt very quickly to walk alongside the chair, does all sorts of tricks and has brought so much joy into her life. Its very special to see!
    KarenWheelchair training.jpg

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    Thanks Karen,
    I did have my Wallace for seven years before I needed the wheelchair but the wee lad soon adapted when out walking etc. So I don't foresee any problems, also my wife is able bodied should I need help. It is just that a pup is very hard work and as it would be my dog I would not impose on my wife to do all that is necessary with a pup, hence the idea of a year old or so dog. I do hope a happy, healthy wee dog is just around the corner!

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    Your wee boy is out there and will find you. Just don't be surprised if he turns out to be a girl, a tri or ruby or black and tan and a bit older or slightly younger than a year old. Try and keep an open mind, they are ALL lovely I nearly always take old dogs and have two younger ones, and, it is not true, you can teach an old dog new tricks Keep calling your contacts to keep reminding them you are still waiting and some day soon your cavalier will join you. I wish you luck and don't forget that we will demand pictures!

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    You are right Laurat, the right dog is out there somewhere and hopefully, we will be together soon. I know that having something specific in mind (male Blenheim about a year old) is not really what we should do, perhaps it is just my way of remembering the past and the great times I had with my last wee dog.

    Happy days

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