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    Hi all, I am new to this and I have a question. My tricolour female lily mated with my male Blenheim Henry but we have no Blenheim puppies can this happen?

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    Most defiantly. You will get a colour gene from mum and from dad. Dad can only have two Blenheim genes or he would not be Blenheim. Mum can either have two tri genes or a tri and a Blenheim gene. As tri is dominant over Blenheim she will be tricolour either way. So the puppies get one gene from each parent so we can say for definite that the puppies have one Blenheim gene from dad. The other gene must be tricolour from mum. This may mean that mum has two tri genes so any puppies ahe has have to be tri or if she does have a Blenheim gene none of the puppies got it. I think the former is more lightly. I didn't think this would be that difficult to explained.

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    Hi Gayhalo, thank you for your response I think I have understood. I was getting worried as I have a jackrussel x spaniel and I thought maybe he must have mated with her too and I have missed it. My Blenheim definitely tied with her as they were stuck together with lilyjoan screaming. I have been told if they scream out it means that this is the first time they have mated. Is this true? I really need to know what I will be selling.

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    Oh my goodness
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    Smile Hello

    Welcome to our forum - hope you will find it helpful being here, and that we can help you to learn about what happens when we contemplate breeding with our Cavaliers, and what we need to know before the mating happens.

    It's a long hard road of learning, and one way is to read some decent books, and really study them.

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    Hi Lilyjoan

    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that your Jack Russell also mated her, so it might not be a bad idea to get DNA tests of both the Cavalier dog and the puppies. You donít need the others: just one parent is sufficient and you clearly know who the mother is. If you want to sell the pups as pedigree Iíd suggest this is a ďmust doĒ.

    Screaming is an odd thing: some bitches will scream at every mating and some never do at all; it indicates nothing!

    Unfortunately you are not the only person who has had an unexpected litter, but usually once itís happened you learn to take better care to keep the two sexes apart next time the bitch comes in season.

    This is also shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, but have the parents had any health tests? If not, itís a good idea to have them done even though the pups are already born.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Janelise View Post
    Hi Lilyjoan

    it might not be a bad idea to get DNA tests of both the Cavalier dog and the puppies. You donít need the others: just one parent is sufficient and you clearly know who the mother is
    Hi Jane,
    In the UK the procedure may be a little different. Certainly at the AHT they will also require a cheek swab from the mother to isolate and eliminate her DNA from the mix. Their reasoning for this is there will be a set of DNA showing up in the puppies DNA profile that does not belong to the suspected sire(s), so they need the mothers cheek swab for DNA analysis as well.

    If you want to sell the pups as pedigree Iíd suggest this is a ďmust doĒ
    Absolutely..... the bottom line is the pedigree needs to be correct, and if there are doubts about parentage these should be addressed ASAP.

    Kind regards,

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    I have just checked the service in France, Antagene, and they too require samples from both putative fathers and the mother. I'd remembered it incorrectly.

    Antagene works to the standard ISAG 2006. If the possible parents are already on their database, they only require a sample from each puppy and it costs 20€ per puppy.

    If not, it's 60€ for one puppy and three possible parents; i.e the bitch and two dogs. I presume then it would be 20€ for subsequent puppies.

    I think the AHT may be cheaper: it certainly is for the CC and EF falling genetic tests; Antagene charge 68€ although they too often have promotional prices offers with breed clubs. The cost of DNA identification on its own is 40€ per animal.

    The AHT doesn't have the price of testing on its website; you need to sent them an e-mail to

    As permanent ID is obligatory here, the cheek samples have to be taken by a vet who verifies the ID of the animal. That isn't necessary for most AHT tests: it may be for parentage: I can't find that info on their website.

    The AHT says no DNA tests should be carried out until the pups are at least four weeks old AND WEANED.


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