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Thread: Puppy buying advice from KC

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    Hi Sins,

    I don't have the capabilities to make that big enough for me to read :-(

    Hi Veronica,

    I remember you talking about Essex and its rather stringent rules before now. I am intrigued that microchip numbers are checked as it isn’t yet a legal requirement in the UK, nor are vaccines. Your inspections seem far more severe that those in other regions of the UK. One breeder with a rather forceful personality, who lived in Sussex, told a council inspector who came to her house that she was most certainly not a commercial breeder, she bred dogs for herself for show purposes and sold the surplus, so had no intention of being registered! They didn’t pursue her.

    Where does common sense come in???? Any dog that is being bred as a companion animals needs to be introduced to the sounds, sights and smells of a normal house from as early an age as possible.

    I can’t imagine producing as many as four litters in a year; I never get anything done when there are puppies in the house! Since 1980 I've only bred more than one litter in four different years, one of those when I was still in the UK. There have been twelve years when I didn't have puppies at all. I still have to be registered here, and had to take the course and pass the exam to get my certificat de capacité, but don't need to be classed as "professional".


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    Same as you Dennis when the original promotion info was emailed to me I replied that I would support their campaign when they stopped registering puppies from commercial PF & BYB 's there response was to resend me the original email. Appears to me that yet again no one is listening !!!!!
    Bridgette Evans
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