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Thread: Four years ago.....

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    Default Four years ago.....

    I really do not know where the time has gone but we have recently celebrated Nutmeg's FOURTH gotcha day - with a holiday in Devon.

    We managed some nice, shortish beach and country strolls - we cannot walk as far as we used to as poor Kizzy has horrible arthritis in her hips and tends to suffer the following day if we over do it - and met several other Cavalier owners who were always happy to have a chat.

    For those who have followed the ups and downs of Nutmeg's life ( from being unwanted at 10 weeks to becoming the happy little soul she is today - via the wonderful Humberside rescue, two caring foster Mums and a new start here in Notts at under six months) I thought you may like to see the latest batch of photos.

    She has filled out a bit at last, grown a proper ( albeit fluffy) coat and enjoys every minute of her waking hours. And, if the way her tail wags in her sleep is anything to go by, she has a pretty good time whilst dreaming too! People are still surprised when they find out she is not a puppy and one person last week made a comment about the PEKINGESE but we think she's beautiful and cannot imagine life without her.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures - my favourite is of the 'girls' posing with "Lady and the Tramp". Can anyone else see the resemblance?
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    Stephanie.....and two little ladies.

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    Nutmeg is just beautiful and a real credit to your hard work and TLC! Well done!

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    Happy Gotcha day, little Meg

    Nutmeg is looking lovely, Stephanie. I can see that she's filled out a bit.

    Lexie's muzzle has finally started to look more like a cavalier than a papillon And I think her coat is what woman call "flyaway" as in it sticks out in various places doing its own thing
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    She's looking good

    Yes, I see Lady and the Tramp - try them with spaghetti


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    Just lovely Well done you! Nutmeg and big sister Kizzy look like a match made in heaven. I can't believe it is four years either.
    Tracey x

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    Beautiful pictures Stephanie, you must be very proud of them both How that time has flown!


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    Despite all her ups and downs, she has grown into an adorable looking dog who I know is much loved. And Kizzy also looks great.

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    Lovely digs, and obviously much loved.

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    Happy gotcha day Nutmeg... You're some little lady!
    Julie, Peter,
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    Nutmeg looks a real little doll - you and she botj should be very proud of your achievement!


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