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Thread: Availability of Lyrica.

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    Default Availability of Lyrica.

    Just wanting to ask if anyone on this forum has a Cavalier taking Lyrica, and if so is your vet supplying it? Does your vet find it easy to obtain as mine has a terrible job.

    In the past 2 months that one of mine has been taking it the vet has only been able to supply two weeks worth of Lyrica (56 tabs) leaving me in the position of getting a private fortnightly script of 12 which then enables me to pick it up from the chemist two doors away for 115 a fortnight. Although I am able to claim for it on her insurance my practice tends to only submit insurance claims at the end of the month for this bill of 254+ ... all paid up front for this one drug alone (which I should add is cheaper than the vet supplying it) on top to then pay for is her Prednicare, Tramadol and Zitac so it totals around 500 pm.

    If my vet supplies the drugs then the claim can be met directly with AXA who have been fantastic as a company but the availability is proving very difficult with the Lyrica to be able to do this. I'm finding this expense upfront quite hard for these drugs so how do others manage?

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