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Thread: UK's pet cull in 1939

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    Forgot to add: on the Pet front, we had a budgie who didn't make it through the war, as there was no bird seed to be had. He was called 'Jerry', of course, and was given to making derogatory remarks about Hitler. Not at all PC! Wouldn't do nowadays!

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    We had "Victory Gardens" and some rationing in the USA, too, but I am sure, nothing as radical as in the UK. Here is a UK poster encouraging Victory Gardens from the war.Dig-on-for-Victory-WW2-Postdter-Artist-Peter-Fraser.jpg
    Rod Russell

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    I was born a week before the war. I have memories of the Blitz and having to sleep in the Anderson Shelter in the garden, which I did not like. I refused to wear the gas mask too.

    I have vague memories of clothes coupons and clear ones of the sugar ration. I had a very natty little trick of waiting until the very nice lady who liked me was on duty, then coming into the office to claim that I had lost my sugar stamps, so she would give me some more. A clear case of 'obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception'. They should have locked me up tee heeeeeeeeee
    Warmest wishes

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