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    Went to Bordeaux today in horrid drizzly rain; I had Hula and Chris had Buddy, taking them for their official eye tests with the veterinary ophthalmologist. Hula was a bit fidgety on the first test, and really did not like the glaucoma pressure test. Once that was over she relaxed and didn't mind the drops to dilate her pupils. Buddy was very fidgety and eventually the vet just said "Oh" in a fairly loud and stern voice, just like Nessa in Gavin and Stacy! Sorry for anyone overseas who may not have seen it.... but it worked, Buddy’s tail wagged and he stayed still.

    Interestingly, Dr Longuville didn't know about the genetic test for curly coat and dry eye. I suppose that apart from controls like ours, he tends to see dogs that already have problems, and we're thinking at the before breeding stage.

    When Hula’s eyes had dilated fully she had the rest of the exam, and although she began to fidget at first I asked if she wanted Dr Longueville to tell her off in a loud voice, and she then sat still. He gave her a kiss on the nose and said "You can have some nice puppies now." Buddy behaved better, too, at his turn, and both were free of any problems, so similarly Dr Longueville asked if he was destined to be a future stud? I said it was a shame Dr Longueville couldn’t check my eye too, as I have to go back to Bordeaux in a month or two for my annual check up. My ophthalmologist is also named Dr Eric Longueville, and having identical names and virtually the same profession has caused them both occasional problems! He said he’d check my eye if I’d like him to.

    On the way home, Chris said if she’d been me, she’d have been up on his table like a shot! He is really rather gorgeous. And quite young. Sigh.

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    Jane, it wouldn't be you if you failed to check the local talent and maybe flirt a little now would it??? If only I could see this dreamboat for myself I would shamelessly flirt with such a gorgeous sounding young man. Sounds as though I would just love him to check the health of my eyes!!!

    I am so glad that both the dogs came out clear. Seriously, this specialist sounds a friendly, efficient and caring young man and how lucky you are to be able to consult him. Should I be surprised that he isn't familiar with the test for CC/DE? But on the other hand, my vet hadn't heard of it either until I mentioned it.

    So when do you hope for a litter then?
    Warmest wishes

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    I think we're lucky that both the "local" specialists have a very good manner with the dogs and are nice to their owners, as are most of the vets! I’ve heard that one or two others are rather dry and officious. Dr Longueville has gorgeous grey eyes, a slightly rugged face and grey crinkly hair that looks too old for his face.

    I was at the local vet this morning with Hula, who seems to have a bit of a problem with an ear: it's nothing major. My neighbour Fréderic was in the waiting room with his puppy, so we chatted and let the dogs get used to each other. When Sabrina, the vet, called Fred in she said "Oooh - well grown and handsome!" and Fred said "Who, me?" I laughed and Sabrina came back out and, laughing, asked me "Which did you think I meant???"

    The receptionist, Françoise, who is an attractive young woman, was wearing a very pretty, fairly flimsy dress, with a short skirt. I said that it was very pretty and she replied that she was going out to lunch later, and as she was behind the scenes didn’t think people would notice! One of the men in the waiting room asked if she was dressed like that to attract male clients? Françoise was a little embarrassed. Sabrina popped out again and said yes, it was a new dress code!

    I then mentioned Tim, a Belgian vet that had worked at their practise for a while, and asked if he’d been a honey trap? Tim was very young, still in his 20's, dark eyes, pale skin, a mass of dark, not too curly, hair, and very smiley. He was Flemish (pretty much the same as Dutch) speaking and spoke to me in English. Once when checking Hazel for something he half lay on the table with her and said "Lady, I am so f***ing tired" and looked very hurt when I burst out laughing. Sabrina said she hadn’t been the one who’d hired Tim – but it hadn’t gone unnoticed that after his arrival there seemed to be a lot more women going to the surgery! He left to go and work in a practice that specialised in horses, a long way from here. I remember telling Tom at the time that if I ever felt the need for a Toy Boy, I'd found the candidate.

    On the odd social occasion where one or other of the vets I use has been present, they will kiss me in greeting, but never in the surgery; same with my doctor. It has been as diverse as when I was selling at a vide grenier (bootfair/garage sale), at the cinema or a friend’s housewarming. I introduced him to the people I was sitting with as “He’s my vet; Dr Laurent.” but that isn’t correct French. He replied “Yes, she’s easy to treat!" and winked, so now I know I have to say that he’s my dogs’ vet….

    Back to the dogs:
    Hula is still under 2, and as Goldi is already 2 1/2, I think I'll try Goldi this year and Hula next year. It gets complicated as I'm no longer classed as professional and so may only have one litter in a year. I could get reclassified, but it hardly seems worth it!

    I can think of a few dogs I like who, on paper, look like good prospects for Hula, but Goldi is a little more difficult. She's a bit long bodied for my taste and although there are some short bodied dogs they don't necessarily have a head that I think would go with hers, if that makes any sense! She’s due in season in April, but Bijou was in season in August and is again already, so anything could happen.

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