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Thread: nine older Cavaliers in need of new homes: in France

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    Default nine older Cavaliers in need of new homes: in France

    There is a very sad story here: about nine Cavaliers; all male; are in an SPA refuge near Tours.

    Breeder X, who is her 70’s, has been “known” to be awkward and did/does not have a licence. She had been advised on several occasions that she was breaking the law. I have been to her premises and was really rather shocked by the squalor in which the people lived, let alone the dogs. The sort of place where one wouldn’t sit on a chair, let alone accept a drink or anything to eat. Hearsay; another person went to use one of her stud dogs (she bought dogs from the UK from time to time) and was really upset to see a bitch, in an outhouse, in a small wire crate with newly born puppies and no bedding. It was summer, and very hot, but even so!!!

    Breeder X rather fell out with me several years ago when I refused to take sides in a dispute she had with another breeder. Members of her own church (Mormon), also refused to support her as she didn’t have a breeder’s license, which upset her, as she thought they would.

    After breeder X was widowed, within the last year, the mayor of the commune in which she lives offered her a “village” house where she would still be able to keep four or five dogs: she refused. Fairly recently another breeder has managed to persuade her to part with most of her bitches and, with the help of her own vet, managed to rehome 16.

    Breeder X is now in hospital and so all the animals at her house had to be taken and cared for – there was even bitch with a litter of puppies, but I’m not sure where they are. Presumably the gendarmes or council had to deal with the dogs quickly and maybe did not know about ASENACK, the dedicated breed rescue, which is why they were taken to the nearest SPA. Breeder X also used to have Pyrenean Mountain dogs, but I think they may have all gone.

    These are mostly older dogs: Merry Christmas is 12, Vagabond is 9, Granasil (yes, bred by Jean Grant) is 7. Some actually give the name with the affix, but what I found really sad was in the comments. For each dog, after it says a very friendly dog who mixes well with the others in the kennel, , it states that he needs to be trained to be clean


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    Poor dogs. It's amazing how some people live.

    I like the look of Enigma of Nauvoo
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    Jane, could you put ASENACK in touch with the rescue? I would have Christmas Pudding in a heartbeat I really hope that they all find loving forever homes, they truly deserve to.
    Tracey x

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    Hi Tracey,

    yes, if my circumstance were slightly different, so would I! Poor little soul.

    Vagabond is the same age as Vincent, give or take a few months, (French name rules means it's generally easy to work out the age of a registered dog!) and I do remember seeing him at a couple of the National d'élevages: quite a nice little fellow.

    Don't worry, ASENACK's president knows, but, as in the UK, there can be difficulties with the rules of rescue societies and what they undertake to do.

    I, and a few other French Cavalier people, have put the link on our Facebook pages. Just keep our fingers crossed that these poor older boys find nice homes.

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