Three Counties 9th June 2017

Aranel Cassius Harana Peggy Lee
Aranel Cassius Ch. Loranka's Cupid JW
Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW Cavaliegh Honesty
Judge Mrs M Attwood
Minor Puppy Entry 12
1st Trishine Celestial Dream with Finjaro
2nd Jordanic Evanly Touch
3rd Castlewytch Red Admiral
Reserve Glebeheath Jeremiah
VHC Loranka Moonlight Shadow
Puppy Entry 10
1st Jolainey Frederick
2nd Ellemich Kouros at Kailyflee
3rd Pascavale Thomas
Reserve Lanola Santos
VHC Harana Louis Prima
Junior Entry 5
1st Ellemich The Sinner
2nd Salegreen Periwinkle
3rd Jamesbonny Josey Wales
Reserve Kelrick Flapjack
Yearling Entry 7
1st Aranel Cassius
2nd Leogem Renaissance
3rd Salegreen Periwinkle
Reserve Charnell Hogan
VHC Clopsville Mario of Pascavale
Post Graduate Entry 7
1st Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss
2nd Salbrie Parker
3rd Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
Reserve Corbieanne Charlottes Boy
VHC Khatibi Hedger Bets on Alrewic
Mid Limit Entry 9
1st Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
2nd Jolainey Moonlight at Lovetrac
3rd Scotlass Power Of Love
Reserve Ellemich Konstantino of Narvidar
VHC Christabelle Picasso
Limit Entry 6
1st Cavaliegh Ice Man
2nd Arroline Infinity
3rd Delhaze Take A Chance
Reserve Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
VHC Turretbank Super Trooper
Open Entry 8
1st Ch. Loranka's Cupid JW
2nd Ch. Harana Errol Brown
3rd Int Ch. Funky Dance Of An Excellent Choice
Reserve Ch. Loranka's Heavenly Moment
VHC Tillymist Heez Harry Beau
Judge Mrs M Attwood
Minor Puppy Entry 7
1st Jordanic Evanly Mist
2nd Harana Siousie Sioux
3rd Pamedna Charisma
Reserve Callyspride Little Minx
VHC Celxo Tartain Ribbons
Puppy Entry 6
1st Harana Peggy Lee
2nd Ellemich Parisienne at Callyspride
3rd Lovetrac Yumdiddly
Reserve Beaconsfylde Salutation
VHC Kimark Cuyuna Days Of Future Pas Salsara
Junior Entry 16
1st Leogem Ginestraa
2nd Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire
3rd Avalcier Summer Sunshine
Reserve Pamedna Cheris Amour
VHC Pascavale Patrice
Yearling Entry 13
1st Ellemich Im A Celebrity
2nd Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
3rd Jolainey Rosabella
Reserve Coedgwylum Hot Crystal
VHC Charnell Sweet Tea for Gayhalo
Post Graduate Entry 10
1st Cavalli Beautiful Life
2nd Aranel Maddison
3rd Embeth Bonny Boat
Reserve Calonlan Perfect Kiss
VHC Boatswain Azure
Lid Limit Entry 9
1st Magic Charms Witchy Womwn to Delhaze
2nd Ricksbury Royal Tapestry
3rd Pennygown Madly Deeply
Reserve Miletree Mirian Avalcier
VHC Carolus Felicitation at Beaconsfylde
Limit Entry 8
1st Cinderaic Taboo
2nd Wandris Cute As A Button
3rd Charalier Buttonesque
Reserve Jonsville Crystella Sancana
VHC Arroline Phoenix
Open Entry 6
1st Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
2nd Cavaliegh Honesty
3rd Byermoor Princess
Reserve Harana Kiki Dee
VHC Ryanmil Magic Flute