Boston 8th Jan 2017

Ch. Craigowl Out Of Touch Leogem Ginestraa
Ch. Craigowl Out Of Touch Leogem Renaissance
Ch. Avalcier Rouge Sorata Barley Wine Sancana
Judge Mr R Morrison
Minor Puppy Entry 16
1st Ellemich The Sinner
2nd Chlojade Shooting Star
3rd Korolevsky Brodsky for Russmic
Reserve Harana Dean Martin
VHC Awarays Earl Of Waringham
Puppy Entry 3
1st Tamyse Theodora
2nd Salegreen Brecon
3rd Shelpet Vanilla Ice at Diddlidors
Junior Entry 9
1st Leogem Renaissance
2nd Crimbledale Genesis
3rd Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
Reserve Luphenex Lick And A Promis by Hearthfriend
VHC Diddlidors Far Far Away
Yearling Entry 6
1st Ch. Craigowl Out Of Touch
2nd Peakdowns Morning Magic
3rd Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
Reserve Evansly Earnest
VHC Harana Jack Jones
Graduate Entry 11
1st Charnell Hogan
2nd Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss
3rd Roll The Dice
Reserve Middleshot Kings Ransom
VHC Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
Post Graduate Entry 8
1st Middleshot King Of Hearts
2nd Peakdowns Ryan at Cavallino
3rd Chantismere Chamberlin
Reserve Bonitos Companeros Zenit
VHC Stonepit I Believe in Dance at Rucazan
Limit Entry 21
1st Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale
2nd Cavaliegh Ice Man
3rd Delhaze Take A Chance
Reserve Carolus Don Santino JW
VHC Peakdowns Floyd at Cavallino
Open Entry 13
1st Craigowl Out Of Reach
2nd Ch. Harana Errol Brown
3rd Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
Reserve Ch. Lochbuie Cappuccion
VHC Ch. Loranka's Cupid JW
Veteran Entry 2
1st Tashmit Sweetserve
Good Citizen Entry 10
1st Granasil Golden Nugget
2nd Christabelle Picasso
3rd Shelpet Olivia May Queen
Reserve Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
Judge Mr R Morrison
Minor Puppy Entry 18
1st Harana Blossom Dearie
2nd Korolevsky Rosichka at Lilorchard
3rd Beaudale Lily Rose
Reserve Llapsttam Killer Queen
VHC Avalcier Summer Sunshine
Puppy Entry 13
1st Leogem Ginestraa
2nd Bonitos Companeros Opal
3rd Charlottetown Summer
Reserve Miletree Ophelia of Stavonga
VHC Pennygown Ticket To Ride
Junior Entry 9
1st Miletree Mirian Avalcier
2nd Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
3rd Pamedna Cheris Amour
Reserve Brymarden Honeysuckle
VHC Cinderaic Are You For Me
Yearling Entry 6
1st Craigowl Touche JW
2nd Magic Charms Witchy Womwn to Delhaze
3rd Almonroyd Catch A Wish
Reserve Evydal Saffire
VHC Shelpet Olivia May Queen
Graduate Entry 6
1st Brymarden Honeybun
2nd Cavalli Beautiful Life
3rd Christabelle Paloma
Reserve Beauco Dolly Mixture
Post Graduate Entry 9
1st Georgewade Mistletoe N Wine
2nd Ispahan Blue Bunting
3rd Pennygown Madly Deeply
Reserve Jonsville Crystella Sancana
VHC Chantismere Silver Button
Limit Entry 13
1st Charlottetown Silyee with Bowfort
2nd Peakdowns Mystic
3rd Craigowl Keep In Touch
Reserve Ellemich Im A Celebrity
VHC Deranmar Jocelyn
Open Entry 10
1st Ch. Avalcier Rouge
2nd Cavaliegh Honesty
3rd Harana Kiki Dee
Reserve Ellemich Infusion
VHC Middleshot Queen Of Light at Peakdowns
Veteran Entry 6
1st Sorata Barley Wine Sancana
2nd Cavisdale Reggae Music at Cassandy
3rd Peakdowns Penny Layne
Reserve Honeybet Just Magic
VHC Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
Good Citizen Entry 0
1st No Entries